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killed during the Khmer Rouge Genocide and much of the art was
destroyed. Today, there is a significant effort to revive and continue
the ancient art forms.
We visited the National Museum of Cambodia, and the Secondary
School of Fine Arts in Kang Proeung. Students come from all parts
of Cambodia to attend this school. The Cambodian Living Arts group,
another NGO, demonstrated traditional dance for us, and taught us
some basic steps.
The temples in Siem Reap are another form of Cambodian art.
We began our visit at sunrise before Angkor Wat, the largest of the
temples. In the afternoon we explored the Bayon Temple, with its
216 giant faces. The Tah Prohm Temple shows the effects of the
encroaching jungle on these ancient ruins.
Eating in Cambodia can be thrilling. The fruits are phenomenal:
jackfruit, dragon fruit, melons and coconut. We also enjoyed
wonderful soups and fish. Our visits to NGOs like Friends restaurant
and the Daughters of Cambodia allowed us to see and taste
eco-friendly protein, such as fried ants, beetles and grilled silkworm!
The Cambodian Experience 2015 was a wonderful learning opportunity,
which has enriched my life in many ways. This trip brought to life the
struggles of people who continue to rise above atrocities and face each
day with pride and caring for others.
-- Jessica Price
Global Education
Photos courtesy of Jessica Price
Jessica Price, EdD, MSN, RN, is a nurse educator who
has volunteered extensively in Latin America. She is on
the steering committee of Circles of Greater Nashua,
which inspires and equips families and communities
to resolve poverty and thrive. At Middlesex, she is
enrolled in the Global Studies Program, and takes
enrichment courses in the arts and music.
Scenes from Cambodia (clockwise, from top left) Mother and children on the Tonle Snap River; young woman selling beetles, an eco-protein food source; MCC fellows
often traveled by tuktuk; and Lizzi Bo shows students at Kang Proeung's Secondary School of Fine Arts a video of the song they just performed.