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President Mabry
Favorite movie:
"2001: A Space Odyssey"
Favorite snack:
Bananas it's my 10:30 a.m.
snack, every day.
Favorite place:
My favorite place in Arizona is the North Rim
of the Grand Canyon. I once hiked from the
South Rim to the North Rim all the way
down to the river and all the way up the other
side 10 hours, 24 miles and a 9,000-foot
elevation change. During the last two miles,
I climbed into a thunderstorm that turned
into a hailstorm. It was spectacular.
Car radio
station presets:
I listen to NPR and I have
one jazz station and one
classical station.
Ideal vacation:
My ideal vacation
starts out with a
little relaxation and
decompression, and then
is active and engaging.
I couldn't sit on the
beach for two weeks.
Most important life lesson:
Life is unpredictable. You should follow
your passion and go with the flow.
way to relax:
Exercise is very
relaxing for me.
I relax running or
bike riding. I also
participate in Sprint
Triathlons -mile
swim, 12-mile bike
ride and 5-K run.
They're short and
intense and you can
actually walk the
next day!
Last good book read:
"Embers of War: The
Fall of an Empire and
the Making of America's
Vietnam" by Fredrik
Logevall. It was about
the origins of the Vietnam War. It was
fascinating. I read mostly nonfiction.
Person (living or dead)
you'd like to have a
conversation with:
I would like to have Thomas
Jefferson show me through
his library and his wine cellar.
with another recently approved $10 million
academic building project in Lowell.
But it's not just campus buildings Mabry is
working on. His main mission is student
success. "My vision has always been the
same, from when I was a classroom teacher
to now: I want every student to succeed.
"As a teacher, you're concerned about every
single student who sits in front of you. As
president, the scope and scale has changed,
but the mission is the same: How do we focus
on student success?"
Mabry is planning to use his experience
at other institutions and in other state
systems to help Middlesex continue to
flourish. "Community colleges across the
country are more similar than dissimilar,"
he said. "Their populations are similar and
their missions are similar.
"There are goals we can all agree on, like
bringing in a wider range of students to our
colleges, raising our graduation rates, raising
success rates in developmental courses, and
closing the achievement gap.
"These are things people can coalesce
around," said Mabry. "I'm looking forward to
sitting down together and finding ways we can
improve and foster learning to better prepare
students to succeed in 21st century jobs."
Kathy Register & Tura Linderholm