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MCC Foundation
Thomas F. Walsh
Hayat Weiss
Leonard Wilson
Pecki Wilson
Woodard & Curran
Carol T. Zachor `90
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Tom McKay Memorial Scholarship
Mary J. Creegan
Leo and Judith Creegan
Peggy Hassett
Jay and Patti Linnehan
Dennis and Cassi Malvers
Terrence and Kathleen McCarthy
John Michael Delehanty
Memorial Scholarship
Carolyn Delehanty `91
Geraldine B. Deragon Scholarship
Marie K. Ryder
Keri-Lyn (Gleason)
Farley Scholarship
Kimberly Burns and Richard Castrios
Ruth Clark
Kim Forte Memorial Scholarship
All Seasons Table LLC
Nina and Arthur Anton
Susan and Robert Ash
Susan and Michael Bianchi
Jacqueline and Steven Bouley
Mary Jane Clapp
Lori and Darrin Courtney
Rosemarie DeFelice
Marilyn and Alfred DiSalvo
Maureen Dolan-Harris and Richard Harris
Justin Epstein Masonry
Susan and Roy Epstein
Louis Forte
Darlene and Charles Fusco
Susan and David Hamblen
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Jean Sasso
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Brenda and Christopher Vollmar
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Stephen and Maureen Weisner
Anne Wilbur
Women of Wilmington
Catherine Goodwin
Memorial Scholarship
Elizabeth A. Long

Mavis Leno Scholarship Fund
JDM Foundation
Charles and Olga Malvers
Memorial Scholarship Fund
Dennis and Cassi Malvers
Robert Minue Memorial
Sarah Minue Gilson and Jeffrey Gilson
Christopher Minue
Catherine Rouse
Alice Rouse
Nashoba Valley Community
Healthcare Fund Scholarship
Greater Lowell Community Foundation
New England Woodcarvers
(NEWC) Scholarship
New England Woodcarvers Inc.

Thomas O'Mahony "Spirit of
Excellence Award"
AFCEA Lexington-Concord Chapter
Securitas Security Scholarship
Securitas Security Services USA, Inc.
Ray Shea Memorial Scholarship
Sandi Albertson-Shea
Paul Sheehy Memorial Scholarship
Karen Abbene `00
Paula O. Abraham `90
Mary and John Abraham
Sandi Albertson-Shea
Lois A. Alves
Patricia and John Amboian
Harriet J. Anagnostopoulos
Normand and Lucille Ayotte
M & M Blease
Dianne and Gerald Bouril
Thomas W. Brennan Real Estate
Marion L. Brousseau
Judith and Joseph Burns
Emily Byrne
Gil and Marilyn Campbell
Anita and James Campbell
M. Sheila Carney
Deb and John Ciccolo
Ignatius and Florence Ciszek
Helaine Clegg
Beverly Coughlin
Ann E. Craven
Maria, Paul and Patrick Cunha
Mary L. Curran
Laura E. Dawes
Mary Anne and Richard Dean
Judge Leslie Donahue
Nancy and Richard Donahue
Gloria Donahue
Francis J. Duggan III
George and Carol Duncan
Margaret M. Edwards
Joann and Stephen Elder
Enterprise Bank
Hon. Patricia A. Flynn
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Francis and Nancy Funaro
Vincent P. Funaro, Jr.
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Marilynn Gallagan
James and Marie Geary
William C. Geary
Katherine and Stephen Gendron
Paula S. Gendron
Robert Gilman
Donna and Paul Gleason
Barbara A. Green
Anita Greenwood, Dean of Education -
UMass Lowell
Patricia and Mark Guziejka
Deborah Harlan
David Harrison
Walter and Patricia Hart
Peggy Hassett
Richard and Mary Howe
Patricia A. Howe
Steven Joncas and Nancy Donahue
S. Pat Judge
Sarah Kavanagh
William L. Keegan
Brenden Keegan
Robert and Janet Kennedy
Colonel Robert J. Kilmartin and
Cathleen M. Kilmartin
John and Sheila Lally
Jay and Patti Linnehan
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The Lowell Plan Inc.
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Doris Mackie-Sullivan `01 and
Dennis Mackie-Sullivan
MacLean Charitable Foundation
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Elise and Brian Martin
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Philip Shea
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Lura and Robert Smith
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Jacquelyn Stowell
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Martha M. Sullivan
Thomas E. Sweeney
Frank and Patricia Sullivan Talty
Patricia and William Taupier
Patricia Tobin
M. Elizabeth Townsend
George Tsapatsaris
Charles F. Twomey, Jr.
Jean Ward
Joanne Yestramski
Paul H. Sullivan Scholarship
Therese Sullivan
Verena Stair Scholarship
Brian Huppi
Support Staff Scholarship
Jeanne Barron
Betty DiGangi
Special Programs
The following donors have generously supported
MCC special programs in 2014
BRIDGE Program
Nathaniel and Elizabeth P. Stevens Foundation
Susanne Smith Purdon Fund
The Center for Community College
Workforce Training
The Boston Foundation
Desai Launch Pad Project
Samir and Nilima Desai
Lowell Middlesex Academy
Charter School (LMACS )
TJX Companies, Inc.
MCC Foundation
Bottling Group LLC
Commonwealth of Massachusetts Employees
Charitable Campaign
Next Generation Vending, LLC
Tsongas Industrial History Center
Mother's Memorial Fund
Pat S. Hyde
Roberta McNeil
Nesmith House
The Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts, Inc.
Out of School Youth
Mark and Elisia Saab / Saab Family Foundation
Safety Net Fund
Aubert J. Fay Charitable Fund
Lura Smith Fund
Shirley K. Afroh
Rosemary Agbede
Sandi Albertson-Shea
Clementine and William Alexis
Lois A. Alves
Bryan and Angela Anderson
Luanna F. Arrinton
Athenian Corner Restaurant & Lounge
Peter and Rosemary Aucella
Dorothy B. Avens
Algene and Mary Bailey
Lee Barbieri
Lorraine Barra
Sharon Belcher
Ashanti and Olbern Boothe
Deloris Borders and Carl Wilkerson
James Borom
Curtis Bradley
Paul Broadnax
Camille Brown
Christine Burke
Marc and Judy Burke
Nathaniel and Anita Burnes
Daniel and Nancy Bush
Janet Cahill
Daniel and Lisa Calvo
Rosaline Cameron
Edward Caulfield
Cavaleiro's Restaurant
Brian and Mary Chapman
Ashish and Usha Chatterjee
Community Teamwork, Inc.
Donna Corbin `08 and Thomas Corbin
Kathleen Corey-Rahme
Sean and Maryanne Coughlin
Carol A. Covan
Dr. Carole A. Cowan
Margaretta Cox
John and Colleen Cox
Margaretta Cox
Jon Crandall
Elaine P. Crandall
Maria D. Cunha
Claudette and Curtis Dawkins
Leo and Judith Creegan
Nick Diamond Entertainment Agency
Betty DiGangi
Lisa Dobrin
Nancy and Richard Donahue
Terry Downes and Annie O'Connor Downes
Eileen Draper
Dave and Catherine Dubinsky
George and Carol Duncan
Michael Dundorf
Jim Dyment
The Edge Group
Esther R. Ellis
Enterprise Bank
Linda Fahey
Adrian Federico
Tim and Marianne Felter
Newell Flather
Neil Flewelling
Beth Fraser
Karen N. Frederick
Hermenia T. Gardner
Denise Garrow-Pruittt
Dina Gilligan