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Digital Photography
Take Your Skills to
a New Level with a
Noncredit Certificate
ooking to improve your professional skills or begin a new career?
A noncredit certificate program from Middlesex can help.
MCC's Community Education and Career Training Office
offers 10 noncredit professional-development certificate programs,
and more than 70 other noncredit courses related to workforce
development. Courses are offered during the day, evening and
weekend on the Bedford and Lowell campuses and online.
Registration is now open.
"Our noncredit certificate programs are taught by instructors who
are experts in their fields," said Marci Barnes, Program Manager of
Community Education and Training. "Many students take a non-
credit certificate program to pursue a new career, or to upgrade and
expand their expertise for a current position."
Digital Photography, one of MCC's most popular noncredit
certificate programs, is designed to meet the needs of anyone
interested in photography, portraiture, digital-image editing, or
selling photos or services on the World Wide Web.
Alyce L. O'Connell, a professional photographer with more than
20 years of experience, teaches the program. O'Connell has a studio
in Littleton ( and specializes in fashion,
portraits, commercial, weddings, event and on-location photography.
"The Digital Photography Certificate is designed for people who
want to explore the possibility of turning their passion into a career,
as well as for those who just want to become better photographers,"
explained O'Connell.
Professional Photographer Alyce L. O'Connell (second from right) teaches
the Digital Photography Certificate and is shown here with students (left to
right) Jennifer Neville, Mark Maynard and Connie Ridge.
Digital Photography Certificate
Take your photography to the next level with MCC's noncredit Digital Photography Certificate
program. To be awarded the certificate, students must complete four courses:
Digital Photography I Adobe Photoshop CS6
Digital Photography II Business of Photography
For more information about the noncredit Digital Photography Certificate program,
as well as other noncredit certificate programs and courses, call 1-800-818-3434 or
Students of all ages and skill levels enroll in the program, she said. "I
have students who are beginners, as well as those who have a love of
photography and want to take it a step further. And they are all ages,
ranging from high school, all the way through older adults."
To complete the Digital Photography Certificate, students must
take four courses, including "Digital Photography I & II," "Adobe
Photoshop CS6," and "Business of Photography." Students may
also take "Studio Lighting" as a separate course.
"We cover everything from learning how to properly use a
digital camera, to composition and lighting," explained O'Connell.
"Photoshop is also part of this program, as well as the business of
photography, which includes marketing, portfolio building,
copyright and accounting practices."
Many of O'Connell's students have gone on to find success in the
field. "I have former students who are doing photography part time,
full time and as freelancers. Some have gone on to continue their
education, and some have entered and won photo competitions."
Kathy Register