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She has also worked with the Concord Players, Vokes Players,
Turtle Lane Playhouse, Citi Performing Arts Center Shubert
Theatre and Sudbury Savoyards. Her other roles include Caliban
in "The Tempest," Prince Hal in "Henry IV, Part One," Portia in
"The Merchant of Venice," Puck in "A Midsummer Night's Dream,"
and Isabel in "Pirates of Penzance."
But Hamlet remains her favorite role. "The character is so rich I
loved finding sympathetic things in him and making him come
alive," she said.
Cashman's writing talents were evident early on, as well. Since 2004,
she has received numerous awards for poetry, essays, short stories,
plays, and creative nonfiction. The most recent in 2013 was a
National Silver Medal from Scholastic for her Senior Writing
Portfolio, which included a short script, fiction and science-fiction
pieces, and personal and persuasive essays.
She traveled to New York's Carnegie
Hall last May for the awards ceremony.
The persuasive essay from her portfolio,
titled "The Asian Misrepresentation:
How Stereotypes of Asians in the
Media Harm America," was written
for Stephanie Pesce's honors "English
Composition" class and is published in
the "Best Teen Writing" anthology. Pesce
helped Cashman edit her work for
the contest.
"Miranda is one of the most diverse individuals I have ever encoun-
tered, exemplifying the traits of intellectual curiosity and
civic responsibility that we value so highly in our students," said
Pesce. "I am most impressed by the fact that she is as passionate
and curious about theater and the arts, as she is about the physical
sciences, reflecting a multi-talented and inspired young woman."
Writing and acting always came easily, but Cashman's math
and science skills blossomed at Middlesex. "I always liked math
and science, but never had the right teachers," she said. "With
home schooling and my classes at MCC, I gravitated toward
those subjects."
Besides Pesce and DelMonaco, other Middlesex faculty members
who have helped her include Theater Professor Karen Oster and
Science Professor Kevan Murphy.
"Professor Oster helped me learn a lot about contemporary theater,
which is much different than Shakespeare," she said. Cashman is
taking Murphy's "Introduction to Geology" class this semester and
relishes learning from a geologist. "I've studied it informally to get
familiar with the language. But having a geologist as a teacher will
help me towards my goals in science," she said.
Middlesex has richly rewarded Cashman, who has been awarded
two MCC Foundation Scholarships, and an International Education
Fellowship to China this summer. "I have not been to China since I
was adopted and would love the experience, just as I've loved every
experience at MCC," she said.
As a geology student at UMass Amherst, she plans to focus on "doing
good for the planet and exploring how it has changed over millions
of years." But her love for writing and theater will remain important,
too. "I may even do a double major in theater," she said.
And for a talented multi-tasker like Miranda Cashman, that goal is
well within her reach.
Nancye Tuttle
"I am most impressed by the fact
that (Miranda) is as passionate
and curious about theater and
the arts, as she is about the
physical sciences, reflecting a
multi-talented and inspired
young woman."
Stephanie Pesce
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