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Middlesex loves the arts, through encouraging and
promoting the creativity and artistic expression of
our students, as well as supporting the arts in
our community.
We are excited to welcome Academy Award-winning
actor/director Robert Redford to our 2014 Celebrity
Forum in June. And, we are looking forward to the
transformation of the historic Boston & Maine Railroad Depot Building
into MCC's new academic arts center on our Lowell campus.
With this arts and humanities-focused issue of Profiles, readers will
discover how Middlesex promotes student learning through art,
literature, music and theater. Our deans, department chairs and faculty ≠
many established professionals in their fields ≠ tirelessly work to
strengthen our course offerings and bolster growing enrollments in the
arts. There are many great stories to tell and more than a dozen of our
most talented instructors, current students and recent graduates are
featured in this issue.
We also salute the global education efforts of Art Professor Jan Arabas, as
well as this year's Distinguished Alumni Award winner, Sgt. Patrick Towle
of the Bedford Police Department, who led the SWAT response during the
week of the Boston Marathon bombing.
These stories highlight just a few of the many ways Middlesex enables our
students to find success in their academic, personal and professional lives.
~ Dr. Carole A. Cowan, Middlesex President
of people, programs & partnerships
at Middlesex Community College
The Arts & Humanities at Middlesex
Carole A. Cowan
Royall M. Mack Sr., Chairman
Robert A. Barton
William J. Chemelli
Oscar S. DePriest
Tami M. Dristiliaris
Timothy Glaser
James G. Hicks
Elia A. Marnik
Paul E. Means
Duane E. Taylor
Katie Kennedy, Student Trustee
Val V. Asbedian, Trustee Emeritus
Kathleen Bradley, Trustee Emeritus
Ruth N. Bramson, Trustee Emeritus
Paul B. Galvani, Trustee Emeritus
Helen A. Hatch, Trustee Emeritus
James W. Henderson, Trustee Emeritus
Elizabeth P. Jones, Trustee Emeritus
Paula O'Neill-Abraham, Trustee Emeritus
John H. Pearson, Jr., Trustee Emeritus
Joseph A. Saloom, Trustee Emeritus
Willie J. Smith, Trustee Emeritus
Carol T. Zachor, Trustee Emeritus
Jennifer Aradhya
Kathy Register

Patrick Cook, Tura Linderholm
and Nancye Tuttle
Beth Jendro NoŽl
Scott Cahill, Jean Hammond,
Nancy Roberts and Lai-Man Wong
Kevin Harkins, Alyce O'Connell
and John McKeith
Rebecca Parsons
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