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Adjunct Theater Professor Korinne Ritchey (center) enjoys working with majors and non-majors in
her "Theater Appreciation" courses.
Faculty Focus //
Korinne Ritchey
Helping Students Find Success Through the Performing Arts
Teaching theater
provides Korinne
Ritchey with a
wonderful mix
of students.
Most of her "Theater Appreciation" and "Intro
to Acting" students have no dreams of taking
Broadway by storm.
"I love the passion of the theater majors,
but I also enjoy the reactions of the non-
majors," explained Ritchey. "I like teaching
an integrated and diverse group. Everybody
has something to contribute."
It doesn't surprise Ritchey that the majority
of her students take theater courses as
humanities electives. "There is a lot to be
gained from the craft of acting that will
serve you well, no matter what you do
professionally," she said. "Just being aware
of yourself and how you come across to people
will help with your communication skills.
"One of my acting students, who was major-
ing in business, told me she was seeing things
in herself for the very first time. If you are
communicating one thing verbally, but saying
something completely different with your body
language, you should pay attention to that. An
acting class is a safe place to work on those
things together."
Ritchey brings an interesting personal mix to
her teaching. A dancer since childhood (her
mother was a Radio City Music Hall Rockette),
she earned her bachelor's and master's degrees
in communication sciences and disorders. Since
2000, Ritchey has been a Disability Support
Specialist at Middlesex, and has taught dance
classes at the college.
She runs the Six One Seven Dance Collective
in Cambridge, and has appeared in a variety
of roles with fringe theater companies around
Boston. After earning a master's degree in
theater education, she now teaches theater and
continues to work in MCC's Disability Support
Services Office.
Ritchey believes studying theater is a great way
to learn about society as a whole. "As an actor,
one of your jobs is to understand your character
and figure out why they do what they do. That
process is so educational and opens you up to
new experiences and perspectives you might
not have considered before."
Kathy Register
MCC Moment: I have learned an incredible amount about who I am through the Theater program, and
have made many friends who have altered my life for the better. This program is such a welcoming, creative
environment. There are multiple productions per year, a multitude of theater classes, and always chances for
students to become involved whether they are theater majors or not.
Future Plans: I am transferring to a four-year school to pursue a degree in theater, where I can then,
hopefully, find my way into the professional world.
Kaitlyn Crockett
Fine & Performing Arts Theater Option