[ Student Success ] Midd lese x Re-e xamines and Redefines S t udent S uccess Student success has had a total makeover at Middlesex After several years of self-study, MCC has completely redefined what makes a student successful, and has revamped its policies, programs and services, all with an eye toward improving student success, according to Associate Provost Clea Andreadis. “Looking back five to 10 years ago, both locally and nationally, student success was considered a matter of retention and persistence,” said Andreadis. “We were primarily concerned about whether students were finishing their classes and returning the next semester. “But a few years ago, we began to ask ourselves, as a college, ‘What really is student success?’ We concluded that it was about the total experience our students have while they are enrolled here, as well as what happens after they leave. “We now think about all the different MCC experiences through a ‘student success’ lens,” Andreadis explained. “We don’t want anything to stand in the way of our students finding success at Middlesex and beyond.” What follows are just four examples of programs and initiatives that help students succeed at MCC: the Commonwealth Honors Program, Peer Mentors & Peer Tutors, the ePortfolio project, and Student Engagement. [6] Profiles