Kappa, the international honor society of two-year colleges. “Middlesex became a beacon of hope for me,” said Rose. “Not only did I have good grades, but I was being invited to participate in all the programs the college has to offer – which is a lot.” Rose applied to participate in a 2012 MCC International Fellowship to Ireland. “I was drawn to the ServiceLearning component of the Ireland fellowship because it involved working with children to show them there is more to the world than they see on a daily basis,” said Rose. “I felt like I could really identify with that.” During the service project, Rose and her classmates prepared a series of interactive activities for 8- and 9-yearolds, who were low-academic performers. Each activity was designed to incorporate some aspect of American culture to help educate the children about the world around them. Her group came up with the idea of “Musical Easels.” “We would play American pop music while the children painted, and when the music stopped, they would move to the next painting and add to it when the music started again.” The activity inspired collaboration and exposed the children to American art and music. Working with the Irish children completely changed her point of view and reshaped her future, said Rose. “That experience really opened my eyes as to how passionate I am about working with, and helping, people.” Rose currently works as a peer tutor assisting students in writing – and math, which had been such a challenge for her. “I’m tutoring students who are starting off at MCC just like I did,” she said. “I realized that tutoring is not just about the subject, it’s about supporting the students through it.” Rose is also a member of the Women’s Leadership Network (WLN), a group on campus that promotes leadership skills and explores leadership issues. Her involvement with WLN has sparked an interest in women’s and gender studies, something she hopes to pursue. After she graduates in May with an associate degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences, Rose hopes to earn a bachelor’s degree in English, with a minor in women’s or gender studies. She would one day like to teach at the college level, and could see herself in an environment much like Middlesex. “The community here and the activities you can get involved in always make me feel like I’m growing and I’m going somewhere,” said Rose. “I would like to be a part of inspiring that feeling in others. “MCC gave me a foundation,” said Rose. “I gained social skills, confidence, and the purpose and drive to succeed.” • 4 Rebecca Rose (above) worked with Belfast school children and other Service-Learning students (below) on an interactive arts project, as part of a 2012 International Education Fellowship, supported by the MCC Foundation. Tura Linderholm Profiles [ 23 ]