[ Student Profile ] “ Middlesex became a beacon of hope for me. Not only did I have good grades, but I was being invited to participate in all the programs the college has to offer – which is a lot. Rebecca Rose Making the Most of Every Opportunity ebecca Rose is a true Middlesex success story. By returning to college and taking advantage of all MCC has to offer, she transcended her past and transformed her future. R record. After working in retail for two years, she came to the realization that she wasn’t going to have the life she wanted without finishing her education. Rose credits her grandmother, Janet Rose, an MCC alumna (Class of 1979), with helping her make the decision to enroll at Middlesex. “I was completely against the idea at first. I didn’t want to be just a number,” said Rose. Finally, something her grandmother said really struck her. “She said I could get a quality education and a good experience at MCC, and that they would accept me no matter what – even with my academic record.” Rose enrolled at Middlesex in the fall of 2010. After taking the college placement test – a nerve-wracking experience for Rose – she was admitted into college-level courses, but remedial math. She studied hard and got help from peer tutors for her math course, and did so well that by the end of her first semester was invited to participate in the Commonwealth Honors Program. At the end of her second semester, Rose was welcomed into Phi Theta Profiles After graduating from high school as the youngest in her class, the Woburn resident went in search of the typical “college experience.” She enrolled at a state college, but after a year, wasn’t doing well in her classes and wasn’t happy. So she left. Dropping out of college left Rose with no direction and a poor academic [ 22 ] “ Rebecca Rose MCC Student