MIDDLESEX COMMUNITY COLLEGE PRESIDENT Carole A. Cowan BOARD OF TRUSTEES Royall M. Mack Sr., Chairman Robert A. Barton William J. Chemelli Oscar S. DePriest IV Timothy Glaser Abbey Henderson James G. Hicks Elia A. Marnik Paul E. Means Duane E. Taylor Gabrielle Davis, Student Trustee Val V. Asbedian, Trustee Emeritus Kathleen Bradley, Trustee Emeritus Ruth N. Bramson, Trustee Emeritus Paul B. Galvani, Trustee Emeritus Helen A. Hatch, Trustee Emeritus James W. Henderson, Trustee Emeritus Elizabeth P. Jones, Trustee Emeritus Paula O’Neill-Abraham, Trustee Emeritus John H. Pearson, Jr., Trustee Emeritus Joseph A. Saloom, Trustee Emeritus Willie J. Smith, Trustee Emeritus Carol T. Zachor, Trustee Emeritus of people, programs & partnerships people, programs & partnerships MUN M I D D L E S E X C O M M U N II T Y C O L L E G E Profiles How to Spell Success Student success is at the core of everything we do at Middlesex. Everyone at the college is focused on helping our students succeed – not only in the classroom and on campus, but also outside of class, in the community, and beyond. In this “student success” issue of Profiles, we highlight the 20th anniversary of our nationally recognized Service-Learning Program. Since 1992, more than 9,000 students have completed close to 186,000 service hours in community organizations. This extraordinary partnership enables the college to help meet community need, while our students experience the many rewards and benefits of civic engagement. Middlesex also helps students flourish and excel through our Commonwealth Honors Program, peer mentor/tutoring initiatives, and innovative ePortfolio program. And Board of Trustees Chairman Royall M. Mack Sr. is focused on building a competitive workforce for Massachusetts. This is how we spell success at Middlesex. We hope you enjoy reading about the many outstanding programs, partnerships and people who make it happen. ~ Dr. Carole A. Cowan, Middlesex President PROFILES STAFF Editor Jennifer Aradhya Senior Writer Kathy Register Writers Patrick Cook, Tura Linderholm, Ryan Manita and Nancye Tuttle Design Director Beth Jendro Noël Graphic Designers Scott Cahill, Jean Hammond, Nancy Roberts and Lai-Man Wong Photography Kevin Harkins, Alyce O’Connell and John McKeith © Profiles is published by the Middlesex Community College Office of Marketing Communications. For Profiles questions or comments, please contact publications@middlesex.mass.edu For admission information, call 1-800-818-3434 or visit our website at www.middlesex.mass.edu