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alking to a class of teens and
young adults about time
management and resumé
writing may seem like an odd
way for a HomeGoods Regional
Security Manager to spend the
morning. But, Evelyn Morse knows
what she's talking about, and her
audience is all ears.
Morse oversees loss prevention at 11
HomeGoods stores and has hired a lot
of workers during her career. She is
leading a session of the Youth Business
Institute (YBI) at Lowell Middlesex
Academy Charter School (LMACS).
YBI is a highly structured, 10-week
personal and professional development
program for high school students,
sponsored by The TJX Companies Inc.
and taught by TJX associates.
"Guess what? I Google all my potential
hires," said Morse, looking around the
class of 24 students. "So, don't post a
compromising photo of yourself on your
Facebook page! Just have a nice
headshot of yourself on there. If I see
photos with beer bottles and party
shots, I know that's someone I don't
want to hire."
TJX has run YBI for two years at
LMACS, a charter school that serves
Lowell-area youth between the ages of
16 and 21, who have left school before
graduation, or are at risk of dropping
out. A Middlesex partnership program,
LMACS is located in downtown
Lowell, near the MCC campus.
YBI is a pilot program operating in
various states and is designed to prepare
high school students for the workforce,
introduce them to careers in the retail
business, and provide job opportunities
and scholarships, explained Emily
McCann, TJX Community Relations
Manager. McCann oversees community
programs for TJX, the parent company
of T.J.Maxx, HomeGoods and
Marshalls. The Framingham-based
discount-retail giant has approximately
2,800 stores worldwide and employs
over 160,000 people.
TJX offers YBI classes in eight high
schools in Atlanta, Houston,
Baltimore, Chicago, Boston and
Lowell, said McCann. Over the next
five years, they plan to expand the
program to other states.
"While we would love to have these
young people work for the company,
what we really want is to open their
Youth Business Institute at LMACS
TJX Brings a World of Opportunity to High School Students
Youth Business Institute leaders (left to right): Erik Wissa, TJX Senior
Community Relations Specialist; April Willis, TJX District Loss
Prevention Manager; Alma Finnerty, Manager of the Marshalls in
Lowell, and Evelyn Morse, HomeGoods Regional Security Manager.
While we would love to have
these young people work for
the company, what we really
want is to open their eyes to
new opportunities, and for
them to be successful after
high school. We are all
about helping them achieve
their dreams.
Emily McCann
TJX Community Relations Manager
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