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TJX and MCC both care
very deeply about education,
job opportunities and
career training. MCC does
that through its many
community partnerships and
educational programs.
At TJX, we do it through
scholarships and programs
such as the Youth
Business Institute.
Anthony Jerome Smalls
TJX Vice President,
Director of Community Relations
t's a partnership that has stood
the test of time and, like all
strong relationships, continues
to evolve and grow.
For 14 years, The TJX Companies Inc.
has been Presenting Sponsor of the
Middlesex Celebrity Forum speaker
series. The MCC Foundation's largest
fundraiser, the annual event has
brought a dazzling array of interesting
speakers to the Merrimack Valley.
MCC President Carole Cowan recalls
how TJX and Middlesex first got
together, almost 15 years ago. "I was
introduced to Ben Cammarata, who
was CEO of TJX at the time," said
Cowan. "We had just hired Niki
Tsongas to do some development work
for the college and had the idea for a
speaker series. We asked Ben and TJX
if they would be presenting sponsor for
our new Celebrity Forum," she said.
Cammarata told Cowan he thought
very highly of community colleges,
and believed community colleges
needed corporate support because they
serve such diverse populations, she
"We have always felt that TJX and
Middlesex share the same culture and
values. We are both proud of our
products, we are each focused on
value, and we both reach out to
diverse communities," said Cowan.
"That's why our partnership has
endured. We're extremely grateful for
the early and continued support of
"Middlesex Community College,
celebrating its 41st anniversary,
continues to bring well-known
personalities to the area through
Celebrity Forum to help enrich the
The TJX Companies Inc. & MCC
A Partnership to Promote Education and Training
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