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Barbara Cuoco
Linda Davidson
Lisa Heisterkamp Davis
Claudette and Curtis Dawkins
Delta Sales of America, Inc.
Sheri Denk '90
Betty Jean DiGangi
Lisa Dobrin
Nancy and Richard Donahue
Nancy C. Donahue and Steve Joncas
Terry and Annie Downes
William and Kathleen Doyle
James Dragon and Effie Poulakos-Dragon
David Dubinsky
Carol S. Duncan
James E. Dyment
Enterprise Bank
Fred Faust
Adrian Federico
Tim and Marianne Felter
Donella Foreman
Beth Fraser
Friends of the Elderly
Everette Frye
Sandra L. Gaffney
Andrea Gauntlett '04 and Carl Gauntlett
Louis and Barbara Genatossio
Olene Gerald
David Gow
Bob and Carolyn Gregoire
Carolyn and Lyndoors Grey
Dorcas Grigg-Saito and Yoshio Saito
Debra Grossman
Lela B. Hall
Gordon Halm '05 and Beatrice Halm
Marika Hamilton
Ernestine W. Harrison
Mr. Arthur Hennessey
Vernis M. Jackson
Gloria Johnson
Imogene Kandiel
Dvoralyn J. Kerr
James Kerr and Rita Bonazzo-Kerr
LaBoniche, Inc.
Michael H. Lally
Theodore Lavash
Karen J. Levitt
Jay and Patti Linnehan
William F. Lipchitz
Maria Lopez
Brenda Loucks
Lorraine Louanis
The Lowell Kiwanis Foundation, Inc.
Lowell General Hospital
Royall and Valerie Mack
Dennis and Cassi Malvers
Brian Marshall
Roy and Edna Mathieu
Martha Mayo
Jayne and David McCutcheon
Margaret McDevitt
Robert McKittrick
Gary and Rosemarie McPhee
Joseph and Nancy Meehan
Rita Mercier
James L. Milinazzo
Mill City Management, Inc.
David P. Matthews
Priscilla B. Millin and Rev. Paul Millin
Darmery Montoya '99 and Elkin Montoya
Amsi Y. Morales-Lopez '02
Jack Moynihan and Carolyn Walsh
Glenda Murphy
Judith G. Murray
Uta Musgray
Louise C. Myers
National Council of Negro Women
F. Lorretta Neville
Mary L. Nogueras
James S. O'Brien
Dorothy O'Connell
Catherine V. O'Donnell
Options Consignment Boutique
Jeanne Osborn
Mr. and Mrs. Ouellette
Arianna Parrilla
Pawtucket Pharmacy of Lowell
F. Virginia Peacock-Makkers
Pearl Perry
Richard and Donna Peterson
Michael Pigeon
Charles Price
Cecile Provencher
Susan Purdy
Clifton Reed
Marion and Bruce Riddick
Shamir J. Rivera
George Robb
Patricia Robbins
Malcolm and Mona Roberts
Standolyn and Jamie Robertson
Bruce and Susan Robinson
LaTangela Robinson
Enid Rocha
Alice Rouse
Christine M. Ryan
Nicholas C. Sarris
Nicole Sarris
Patricia Scannell
Chris A. Scott
Matthew A. Sepe
Sandi Albertson-Shea and Ray Shea
Philip J. Sisson
Barbara A. Smith
Brent Smith
Irving and Audrey Smith
Gina Spaziani
Maureen G. Spinney '01
Roland F. Stead
Rosalie Stewart
Donald Sullivan and Linda Hair-Sullivan
Shirley Thomas
Paras Traganos
Jean R. Trounstine and Robert Wald
Niki S. Tsongas
Robert and Lillian Tucceri
Saffie Tucker '88 and Bowa Tucker
Susan Turcotte-Gavriel and John Turcotte
David Turcotte and Margarita Zapata-Turcotte
William Turville
Ms. Mary Tyrrell
Deborah and James Walsh
Winsome Weathers
Daniel H. Webster
James L. Wilde
Catherine Willie
Sandra Wilson
Thomas E. Wilson
Colleen and Joseph Winn
Minister Jimmie Woods and Mrs. Laura Woods
Rev. Edward C. Zaragoza
Anonymous (3)
Math Department
Council on Undergraduate Research
MCC Foundation
Commonwealth of Massachusetts Employees
Charitable Campaign
DeMoulas Foundation
Millipore Corporation
Merrimack Valley District Dental Society
Maureen G. Spinney '01
Mothers Memorial Fund
Clea Andreadis and Neal Winneg
Pat S. Hyde
Alice Rouse
Out-of-School Youth
Development Center
Greater Lowell Community Foundation
Paul H. Sullivan Leadership Institute
Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Massachusetts
Science Department
Cabot Corporation Foundation
Council on Undergraduate Research
Strings for Cambodia
Donna M. Bevona
Helen B. Cannon
Ms. Melinda Crane
Pat S. Hyde
Maje Nazim
Karla Reading
Phyllis Rodriguez-Peralta
Johannah Segarich
Ping Su
Melissa A. Troche
Anonymous (2)
Supportive Mind/
Body Education Program
Ciccolo Family Foundation/
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Ciccolo
Veterans Resource Center
Ciccolo Family Foundation/
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Ciccolo
Wider Horizons Program
Wider Horizon Program Irish College of Education
Corporate Gifts-in-Kind
The following donors have provided gifts-in-
kind to support MCC's academic, co-curricular,
and community programs.
A.V. Presentations
Beiersdorf, Inc.
Cabot Corp
Chantilly Lace
ChemMotif, Inc.
Comfort Furniture
Dyan Darcy
The Eagle Tribune
Extreme Concessions
LaBoniche, Inc.
Mahoney's Garden Centers
MathWorks, Inc.
Janney Montgomery Scott, LLC
Value Mortgage Foundation/Narendra Kapadia
Pat O'Connor
Red Mill graphics
Dr. Louis Stuhl
Matching Gift Companies
and Foundations
The following companies or foundations have
supported higher education at Middlesex
through a matching gift incentive program.
Donor or employee donor gifts are often
matched dollar-for-dollar.
EMD Serono
Millipore Foundation
Merrimack Valley Dist. Dental
The Northrop Grumman Foundation
Verizon Foundation-Matching Incentive Program
Alumni Donors
Class of 1974
Janet McLane
Karen Warren
Class of 1976
Donna M. Thibodeau
Class of 1978
Marianne Sennott Wendel
Marilyn F. Yeo
Class of 1979
Patricia R. Waggoner
Class of 1985
Mark Schetky
Class of 1987
Eileen Riley Thatcher
Class of 1988
Anthony R. Carrillo
Saffie Tucker
Class of 1989
Lori A. Weir
Terence J. Weir
Class of 1990
Sheri Denk
Lucy R. Iacovella
Paula O'Neill-Abraham
Class of 1991
Dolores M. Ciccanesi
Carolyn M. Delehanty
Paul Guerino
Class of 1992
Theresa Martineau
Class of 1995
James Grenier
Wendy L. Weinbeck
Class of 1996
Loretta M. Cole
Class of 1997
Charlotte Cardullo
Class of 1998
Gail Desrochers
Rene L. Gibson
Class of 1999
Evan Benjamin
Darmery Montoya
Tooch Van
Class of 2000
Karen A. Abbene
Vicki Porter Courtemanche
Class of 2001
Mary McGurn
Maureen G. Spinney
Class of 2002
Clare M. McCurley
Amsi Y. Morales-Lopez
Joseph H. Viveiros
Class of 2003
Rebecca Parsons
Class of 2004
Andrea Gauntlett
Class of 2005
Gordon Halm
Vanessa Ruiz-Zamora
Chethan Shetty
Carol J. Wesley
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