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Dennis E. McHugh Attorneys at Law
Donald F. Pattershall
James Potter
Questors Class of Grace United Methodist Church
Rowena H. Scott
Silvia M. Tontar
Town of South Berwick
George Triantafel
Mark R. Waldron
Greater Lowell Community Foundation
Scholarship Donors
Greater Lowell Community Foundation
Muriel Hervey Memorial Scholarship
Estate of Muriel G. Hervey
Mavis Leno Scholarship Donors
JDM Foundation
John Michael Delehanty Memorial
Scholarship Donors
Gifts made In Loving Memory of
John Michael Delehanty
Lexington-Concord Chapter of the
Armed Forces Communications &
Electronics Association (AFCEA)
Scholarship Donors
Armed Forces Communications
Electronics Association
Robert Charles Minue Memorial
Scholarship Donors
Abaris Financial Group, LLC
Lois A. Alves
Stephanie M. Atwood
Billerica Community Alliance, Inc.
Jeanne and Jack Barron
Members of the Bedford Education Foundation
Ilsa GottLieb
Noreen O'Gara
Linda White
Carole and Don Brophy
Kristin Brophy and Andrew Ritzer
Ann Marie Burke
Robert Burns
Kathryn Burton
Kevin Caira
Thomas and Jean Callahan
Richard and Cindy Campana
Charlotte Cardullo '97 and William Cardullo
Liz Celeta
Jim and Mary Chiavelli
Kenneth Colebourn
Jim Condon
Patricia Conley
Donna Corbin '08 and Thomas Corbin
Vicki Porter Courtemanche '00
Carole A. Cowan
John and Holly Cratsley
Linda Danovitch
Mary Anne Dean
Michael Dear
Cory Decresenza
Joseph and Laurie Desiato
Betty DiGangi
Mike and Marie DiVito
Unique Dodd
Natacha Dunker
Kevin and Susan Egan
Sandy and Brian Fallon
Nick Favorito
Mike Feinstein
Christopher Fiori
Pamela Flaherty
Jacqueline Fougere
Lisa Freed
Friends of the Billerica Council on Aging, Inc.
Darlene Furdock
Greg Gatsogiannis
David and Susan Gavigan
Marianne and Sean Gebert
Jill Giacalone
Sarah Minue Gilson and Jeffrey Gilson
Greater Lowell Chamber of Commerce
Gina Gombar
David and Cathy Gray
William D. Haddad
Michelle Hagar
Kay and Brian Hall
Jim and Eileen Henderson
Abbey Henderson
Jessica E. Hertzog
Declan Hobbs
Tim and Beverly Holt
Kathryn and John Johnian
KAC's Accounting Services; Karen Carpenito
Scott Kelley
James and Eleanor King
Don Knight
William and Grazina Krauss
Thomas and Roberta LaPierre
Don and Loretta LaPierre
Joan Lee
Jay and Patti Linnehan
Adam Linskey
Brenda Loucks
James Lovotti
Anthony Lucente
David Lynch
Vince and Rose MacDonald
Malden District Court Employees
Dennis and Cassi Malvers
Massachusetts State Board of
Retirement Employees
Massachusetts State Treasury Employees
Crystal Matthews
Steve and Janet McLane '74
Bryan and Joanne McNally
Christopher Minue
Audrey Nahabedian
Peter and Laurie Navarro
Shannon O'Brien and Emmet Hayes
Seth Doren Palmer
Joan Parcewski
Rebecca Parsons '03
Doris and Al Pearson
Pension Reserves Investment Management Board
Andrew Pollis and Pevia Lewis
Glen and Joan Pond
Carol Powers
Joseph and Esther Prestera
Connie Prestera
Tim and Frances Prestera
Colleen Reed
Katherine Register
Karen Richardson
Brian Rielly
Sally Rizzo
Emily Robbins
Stephen Robichaud and Cathy Barniak
Scentia Romulus
Arthur and Marion Rouse
Catherine Rouse
Holli Rovenger
Marie and William Ryder
The Sabella Family
Sagitec Solutions
Ruth Salinger
Carol Schomaker
Lynne Scott
Matt and Patti Sepe
Lura Smith
Robert Soohoo
Mike Southerland
Gail St. Cyr
Craig Stepno
Michael and Pamela Sweeney
Linda Tobin
Norma Toppin-Dove
Melissa A. Troche
Melinda Troy
Jane Waldron
John and Mary Waldron
John and Mary Walsh
Seamus Warwick
Ralph White
Susan Woods
Jadene Yoke
Jennie Zolla
National Grid Scholarship
National Grid
New England Woodcarvers Scholarship
New England Woodcarvers, Inc.
Thomas O'Mahony "Spirit of Excellence
Award" Donors
Armed Forces Communications Electronics
Support Staff Scholarship Donors
Clea Andreadis and Neal Winneg
Virginia D. Barrelle
Jeanne Barron
Mariluci Bladon
Michelle Bloomer
Vicki Porter Courtemanche '00
Betty Jean DiGangi
Judy and Bill Magnan
Cathleen McCarron
Gretchen Robinson
Alice Rouse
Christine M. Ryan
Lura Smith
Anonymous (5)
Special Program Gifts
The following donors have generously supported
MCC Special Programs in 2011.
Bike Challenge 2011
Danielle Bergeron
Judy and Marc Burke
Scott A. Cioffi '11
Alex Coleman
Susanna E. Fiore
Richard T. Friedman
G. A. Electrolysis Center
Greg Geisinger
Anthony Gentile
Jean Hammond
Robert Kaulfuss
Jessie Klein
Gary E. Koeppel
Gil Lepler
Elsa Lichman
Lowell Police Academy
Michael Mango
Joni Peltz
Micaela Podlipny
Sarah Anne Quast
Rochelle G. Ruthchild
John D. Savage
Elaine L. Schear
Grace Schust
Donna Spiegelman
Paul Therrien
Melissa A. Troche
Deborah and James Walsh
Terence J. Weir '89 and Lori A. Weir '89
Biotechnology Program
Massachusetts Life Sciences Center
BRIDGE Program
Jordan Fundamentals
Nathaniel and Elizabeth P. Stevens Foundation
Buy-A-Brick Campaign
Pamela B. Flaherty
Jay C. Lincoln
Dennis and Cassi Malvers
Mindy Nierenberg
Campus Catalyst Program
The Desphande Foundation/
Merrimack Valley Sandbox Program
Cambodian Kiln Project
The Theodore Edson Parker Foundation
Conflict Resolution Program
Lowell High School
Dental Lab Tech Fund
Massachusetts Dental Society
Merrimack Valley District Dental Society
Desai Launch Pad Project
The Desai Family
Encore Career Program
Civic Ventures
Evan Dobelle Library Fund
New England Board of Higher Education
Fitness Trail 5K Challenge Sponsors
Greater Boston Running Co
Poland Springs
Road ID
Roaring Jelly
Home Base/ Piers Park Reception
Jackson National Life Insurance Company
Janney Montgomery Scott, LLC
Lucas S. Lavin
Humanities Department
Cultural Organization of Lowell
Lowell Middlesex Charter Academy
School (LMCAS)
George H. and Jane A. Mifflin Memorial Fund
Theodore Edson Parker Foundation
The TJX Companies, Inc.
Lura Smith Fund
Shirley Afroh
Lois A. Alves
Andover Baptist Church
Athenian Corner Restaurant
Robert Audet
Walter Bacigalup
Clint and Diana Barlow
George and Margo Behrakis
Deloris and Carl Borders
Claude Brown
Judy and Marc Burke
Rosaline Cameron
Janet and Fletcher Carter
Ashish and Usha Chatterjee
John and Linda Chemaly
Donna Corbin '08 and Thomas Corbin
Kathleen Corey-Rahme
Vicki Porter Courtemanche '00
Carol A. Covan
Carole A. Cowan
Margaretta Cox
Elaine P. Crandall
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