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National Institute for Staff & Organizational Development
Excellence Award Recipients 2012
MCC salutes our NISOD recipients from 1991 - 2012!
Since 1978, NISOD has been dedicated to the professional development of faculty, administrators & staff, and to improvement of teaching & learning, with the goal of student success.
Children, and those who touch the lives of children, have always been my priority.
My role as a teacher-educator is to guide my students in the understanding that the
ideal educational experience for children is to have environments where, not just a
few, but all children, teachers and families can benefit. Schools must become places
where communities promote harmony and peaceful outcomes, where conflict
resolution is practiced, and where power is distributed equally among all people.
- Nancy Tyler Higgins
Professor and Department Chairwoman, Education
When I step into the classroom, I discover over and over again that I learn more
from my students than they do from me. Their stories of struggle, their courage, and
their honesty remind me that I have the best job in the world. After reading the story
of Job from Hebrew Scriptures in a World Literature course, a group of students
told me that we can't know true happiness unless we have experienced loss how's
that for wisdom and maturity? As long as I keep teaching, I will keep learning.
- Cathleen McCarron
Professor, English
One of my favorite quotations about teaching is from Mark Van Doren, who said,
"The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery." This quote captures what
inspires me in the classroom: Helping students to realize their own potential and
thereby develop the desire to continue learning always.
- Donis E. Tatro
Professor and Academic Clinical Coordinator,
Dental Hygiene
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