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iddlesex Math Professor
Joanna DelMonaco is as
multi-faceted as the
trigonometry patterns and
formulas she loves to teach.
In her undergraduate days at
Emmanuel College, DelMonaco
majored in math, but also minored in
art history. After college, in addition
to working in accounting, she tutored
math students, at all levels, as she had
since high school.
When she finally decided in her mid-
30s to become a math teacher,
DelMonaco went back to school to
earn a master's degree at UMass
Lowell. She taught mathematics at
Andover High School for a few years
before joining MCC's faculty in 2000.
And then, there's the hockey.
DelMonaco has been faculty advisor to
the MCC Hockey Team for six of its
seven years. Since 2005, when she
became a full professor, she has helped
the hockey program grow from a
"pretty rag tag" intramural group of
skaters, to a full-contact team that
now plays in a small-college league.
"Hockey's a disease," said DelMonaco,
laughing. "I come from a big hockey
family. My brother played professional
hockey for the Detroit Red Wings, and
I managed my two sons' hockey
teams," she said. "When I saw the
notice that the hockey club needed an
advisor, I immediately responded."
DelMonaco takes great pride in having
Joanna DelMonaco
Helping Students RAMP-Up a Love of Math and Hockey
Math is the underpinning
of everything. Early
mathematicians, through
observation of patterns in
nature, came up with a way
to describe nature in an
abstract form. Those elegant
triangles and spirals we see
in nature, that's math.
Joanna DelMonaco
Professor of Math
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