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iddlesex was very fortunate
that Ryan Willett chose to
enroll in the college's
Information Technology
Program five years ago. When it came time
for him to seek an internship, he suggested
his father's company, Reliable IT, in
Woburn. That was the start of a successful
Since signing up his son as the first
company intern from Middlesex, Reliable
IT President Bill Willett has taken on two
interns each year from MCC's IT Program.
Several of those interns are now full-time
Reliable IT is a leading provider of
comprehensive on-demand and IT services
delivered through channel partners located
throughout the United States. The
company helps protect and grow its clients'
businesses by building, maintaining and
managing their networks, systems and
equipment, from the simple to the
complex, on-site and online.
The company offers its partners a national
network of engineers and technicians who
perform an impressive array of services.
Reliable provides installation and repair
service for desktop products, servers and
network equipment, as well as staff, as
The company uses a network of 800 to
1,000 contract workers throughout the
country with a variety of skills. "We know
the people we use," said Willett. "We have
confidence in their skills." The company
Reliable IT
Internships Support
IT Students in Many Ways
Learn more
Does your company have internship
opportunities for Middlesex IT students?
Contact Don Brady, Assistant Dean of
Health and Science, Technology,
Engineering & Math, at 781-280-3836 or
Almost all enterprise today
depends on information
technology, and an
organization's ability to
function is critically
dependent on IT tools
and services. These
students are going to be
doing important work.
Bill Willett
President, Reliable IT
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