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atie Galenius tacked a tiny
button onto the bulletin board
in her tidy office when she
first started working at
Greater Lynn Senior Services (GLSS)
14 years ago.
In the center of the pin is a slogan in
Latin Qui Tacet Consentit which
translated into English means, "He who
is silent consents." The words "Question
Assumption" and "Question Authority"
circle the Latin phrase.
While not as cheerful as the other signs,
like "Giggle" and "Believe," and the feel-
good photos Galenius has added to her
bulletin board through the years, the pin
inspires her as she works with older,
abused women.
"I like this button. It reminds me that if I
remain silent, I am saying that abuse is
OK," said Galenius, 55, of Saugus.
Director of the Older Battered Women's
Program at GLSS since 1999, Galenius
received the pin from MCC English
Professor Sandra Albertson-Shea when
she enrolled in her Literature of Protest
and Hope course as an MCC student in
the mid-1990s.
A 1996 Middlesex graduate, Galenius
will be this year's Distinguished Alumni
Award recipient. She will be honored
on Thursday, May 24, during
Commencement exercises at the Lowell
Memorial Auditorium.
Besides being the "best class" she ever
Katie Galenius
Finding Her True Calling: Helping Others
2012 Distinguished Alumni Award
Katie Galenius, Class of 1996, is Director of the Older
Battered Women's Program at Greater Lynn Senior
Middlesex Community
College completely changed
my life. It gave me the
foundation and hope that my
life could be different and
that I could make a
difference in people's lives.
Katie Galenius
MCC Alumna
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