MIDDLESEX COMMUNITY COLLEGE B EDFORD • MASSACHUSETTS • LOWELL NISOD Excellence Award Recipients 2011 Deeper learning occurs when there is ongoing collaboration between teacher and student. I prefer asking my students to ponder why something behaves a certain way, rather than simply teaching them what steps to follow to achieve a certain outcome. When we provide students learning opportunities outside their classrooms – especially in areas beyond their current interests – they develop in unexpected dimensions. - Margie Bleichman Professor and Department Chairwoman, Computer Science Our lives are a journey of learning. I learn from my students, as they learn from me. Each individual brings their own unique compilation of learning to the classroom and builds upon that in a wide variety of ways. I encourage students to discover how best to add those blocks to their own foundations to not only learn, but be able to apply this new knowledge. - Nora Linskey Adjunct Professor, Mathematics I believe my students can excel in chemistry if they have the commitment and are willing to put in the effort consistently. My role as a teacher is to guide them in what it takes to be successful in chemistry, challenge them to give their best effort and never give up, acknowledge them for their hard work and successes, and send them on to the next learning opportunity more confident in themselves. - Sarah Quast Professor, Chemistry Department Chairwoman, Science MCC salutes our NISOD recipients from 1991 - 2011! Profiles |23|