Alumni Profile: Kim Zunino Helping Preserve Lowell’s Proud History MCC’s Distinguished Alumni Award Kim Zunino will receive the 2011 MCC Distinguished Alumni Award at the college’s Commencement on Thursday, May 26, at the Lowell Memorial Auditorium. The award is presented annually to a graduate who demonstrates: • Achievement in their career or other area of life • Exceptional work in service to the community • Commitment to Middlesex • Integrity and character Past Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients: • 2010 – Tami Dristiliaris (’83) • 2009 – Bruce Weeks (‘06) • 2008 – Alan Melkonian (’84) • 2007 – Jean Connor (’94) • 2006 – William Chemelli (’75) L owell is experiencing a revival, and historic preservation is a core component of the city’s economic development program. As Assistant Administrator of the Lowell Historic Board, Middlesex alumna Kim Zunino works to ensure that the architectural integrity of the city’s buildings shine through any modern renovations. “Lowell has so much character, and the Historic Board is here is to make sure it does not disappear,” said Zunino. Business and governmental leaders are working to renovate many of the city’s old buildings, left empty after the decline of the once-prosperous textile industry, creating new housing and office space. Beyond the rehabilitation of individual buildings, Zunino said the city also strives to create a unified community in which business owners adhere to specific aesthetic standards. Anytime there is a new business opening and doing renovation, it’s Zunino’s job to ensure that it meshes with its surrounding neighborhood, so the downtown remains a vibrant, architecturally interesting place. Signage, for example, must conform to certain size and color restrictions, as well as rules concerning placement. “Businesses that open downtown now seem to be genuinely interested in the community and more are involved with Profiles |18|