49% of TRIO Student Success grads transferred to four-year-institutions Almost half of 88 professional advising hours of peer 13 tutoring each week hours of TRIO Provides: MCC’s TRIO students transfer to fouryear schools, according to Buskey. In addition to assisting them throughout the students 35 understand their financial-aid packages. TRIO Student Success participants graduated in 2017 “Sometimes, a private school with higher transfer process, TRIO staff also help Initiative tuition may be a better choice than a public school – if the private gives you a better financial-aid package.” Basically, Buskey and her team help students navigate the entire college process. “We like to think of our staff and students as the TRIO family. We want students to do their homework with us, and we want them to ask us questions,” she stressed. “It’s a partnership,” Buskey added. “They have to do all the work, but we are here to support them.” And if all goes well, they gradually see less and less of each other. “By their last semester, we don’t see them as much as we did in the beginning,” she said. “Our job is to transition students away from TRIO – we want them to leave the nest!” — Kathy Register At 1st Gen Day, individuals self-identified as first-generation. Thanks to a Middlesex Community College Foundation Annual Fund Grant of $5,000, the TRIO Student Success Program launched the First Generation at Middlesex Initiative. The project focused on building a platform, increasing awareness, and providing support for the large population of first-generation students on campus. It offered opportunities to learn about first-generation students, identified challenges and resources for “first-gen” students, and celebrated the many first-generation faculty, staff, students and administrators at MCC. Special activities included student participation in a regional First Generation Summit (held at Williams College), a First Generation Day on campus, and an essay competition that drew more than 15 students who wrote about and shared their first-generation stories. Though initiated during the 2015-16 school year, the project continues to have lasting effects on campus. For more information about MCC’s TRIO Student Success Program, visit www.middlesex.mass.edu/triossp or call 978-656-3384. For more first-generation student resources, visit the First in Family website: https://www.middlesex.mass.edu/firstinfamily Profiles | 7