A lmost half of all Middlesex students are the first members of their family to attend college. Ann Buskey understands For more than 25 years, MCC’s federally supported TRIO programs have provided qualified students with comprehensive and coordinated services that significantly increase their rates of retention, graduation and transfer. Buskey and her Student Success Program team work with 200 students each year who are Continued on the next page this can be both a source of great pride and an overwhelming challenge. As director of the TRIO Student Success Program, Buskey is laser-focused on helping “first-gen” students succeed at Middlesex. According to a recent report from the Institute of Education Sciences, only about 20 percent of first-generation college students obtained a four-year degree 10 years after their sophomore year of high school, compared to 42 percent of continuing-generation students. “Having somebody at home – a parent, a sibling, a relative – who understands the college process is a huge advantage,” said Buskey. Profiles | 3