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A single-mother working two jobs while enrolled in the
Entrepreneurship Certificate Program, Marlena Chau is a
whirlwind of energy with ambitious plans.
"In addition to working full time for the Lowell Recreation
Department, I work part time on weekends as a lead promotion
model," explained Chau. "I go to nightclubs and bars around New
England and promote wine and spirits. Eventually, I hope to open
a nightclub of my own. But first, my sister and I want to open a
family skin and eyelash salon. She has started a facials business
and I'm also interested in beauty. So, we want to offer facials and
eyelash extensions in a salon setting."
What business are you starting for your class project?
I'm working with a partner to come up with a business based on
both of our interests. She's interested in tea and I'm interested in
spirits. We decided to set
up a "tea & spirits" café.
What has been the
biggest challenge?
In "Entrepreneurship
in Small Business
Management," Professor
Franchesska Descoteaux insists we work with realistic numbers.
We are working on a restaurant plan, doing balance sheets, profit
& loss statements, etc.
What do you like about entrepreneurship?
I want to pursue my dreams. I'm at the point where I'm realizing
what I want to do and it's up to me to make that possible. And I
want my daughter to see that she can push forward and nothing
should stop her.
What is your biggest "take-away" from being involved in
entrepreneurship at MCC?
How much thought and planning ­ and accounting ­ that
go into building a business.
Matt Holm
Looking for Entrepreneurial
Success Early On
Matt Holm has transferred to Massachusetts College of Liberal
Arts in pursuit of a bachelor's degree in Business Administration/
Management. But he discovered his passion for entrepreneurism
at Middlesex.
"Entrepreneurship runs in my family," said Holm. "I wanted to
take an entrepreneurial approach to my business degree and
`Introduction to Entrepreneurship' was the class I'd been waiting
for. On the first day, I knew I wanted to learn a set of skills that
would allow me to succeed in business at a relatively young age."
What business did you start for your class project?
My team founded Create Smiles, a nonprofit clothing company
based on a one-for-one sales structure. Every item sold was
matched and donated, free of charge, to a local charity. By
collaborating with a wholesaler, we received high-quality winter
clothing items and kept up steady sales growth.
Marlena Chau
First a salon,
then a nightclub
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