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Preparing Students
for an Entrepreneurial
Entrepreneurship is more than just a
buzzword at Middlesex Community
College it's a way for students to
forge their own path to success.
he broad definition of an entrepreneur is a person
who is willing to approach a problem and solve it in
a unique and innovative way," said Stacie Hargis,
Assistant Professor of Business, and Entrepreneurship
Program Coordinator.
"Entrepreneurial thinking is important for our students,
especially in today's economy. The world is changing and
it's changing fast. We need to ensure our students can
problem solve in creative ways and not be afraid to
take risks," she added.
Traditionally, entrepreneurship is strongly rooted in business,
but the meaning of entrepreneurship has changed over time,
explained Hargis.
"Many people think entrepreneurs solely start businesses,
but it has become much more than that," she said. "The
entrepreneurial mind-set can be applied to anything
from the high-tech industry to small brick-and-mortar
businesses, to even helping solve social, economic,
and environmental issues."
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