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Annual Report
Positive Psychology Scholarship
Tayla M. Mayo `14
Leilani Salon
Dawn M. Stickney `11
Barbara A. Saloom Scholarship
Maryellen Baxter
Deane Belcher
C.E. Bradley Laboratories, INC
Harbor Advisory Corporation
IU Credit Union
Robert Johnson
Lothar Kaiter
Alan Kershaw
Conilee Kirkpatrick
Peter Du Fosse Suvrivors Trust/Peter Due Fosse
Sandra Ruoff
Laurent Turgeon
Cynthia Turni
Leslie Van Volkinburg
Securitas Scholarship Fund
Securitas Security Services USA, Inc.
Ray Shea Memorial Scholarship
Thomas Joyce
Support Staff Scholarship
Boston Edison
Darlene Byrd
Arlene Champoux
Leo Connolly
Betty DiGangi
Daniel McCluskey
Madeline J. Murphy
Marie K. Ryder
Mary Staffier
Special Programs
The following donors have generously supported
MCC special programs in 2016.
BRIDGE Program
Nathaniel and Elizabeth P. Stevens Foundation
Class of 2016 donors
Karen Bourassa '16
Zachary Franco '16
Hockey Club
Mark's Moving & Storage Inc
Ronald Surabian
ICE Program
Goodrich ISR Systems
Latina Connections to School Youth
Eastern Bank
MCC Foundation-General Fund
Bottling Group LLC
Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Employees Charitable Campaign
Aubert J. Fay Charitable Fund
MCC Medical Laboratory
Technician Program
Holy Family Hospital & Medical Center
Mothers Memorial Fund
Roberta McNeil
NEMLEC Training
NEMLEC Police Foundation
Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund
MCC International & Multicultural Affairs Office
Lura Smith Fund
Shirley K. Afroh
Sandi Albertson-Shea
Clementine and William Alexis
Lois A. Alves
Susan Anderson
Athenian Corner Restaurant & Lounge
Robert J. Audet
Dorothy B. Avens
Lee Barbieri
Lorraine Barra
David and Elizabeth Basile
Ashanti and Olbern Boothe
James Borom
Boys & Girls Club of Greater Lowell, Inc.
Jeanette Brown
Judy and Marc Burke
Daniel and Nancy Bush
Rosaline Cameron
James Campbell
Janet and Fletcher Carter
Cavaleiro's Restaurant
Ashish and Usha Chatterjee
Christ Church United of Lowell Parish Relief Fund
Christ Jubilee International Ministries
Commencement Studios/Jack and Terry O'Connor
Donna Corbin `08 and Thomas Corbin
Kathleen Corey-Rahme
Carol A. Covan
Dr. Carole A. Cowan
Margaretta Cox
John and Colleen Cox
Elaine P. Crandall
Jon Crandall
Maria Cunha
Joseph Devoe
Nick Diamond Entertainment Agency
Nancy Donahue
Dr. James W. Dottin, Jr.
Dave and Catherine Dubinsky
Jim Dyment
The Edge Group
Esther R. Ellis
Enterprise Bank
Linda Fahey
Jonathan Farris
Tim and Marianne Felter
Karen N. Frederick
Jessica Frost `99
Linda Gallagher
Hermenia T. Gardner
James M. Geary, Jr.
Louis and Barbara Genatossio
Girls Incorporated of Greater Lowell
Belle Linda Halpern
Peggy Hassett
Janet and Michael Hickey
James G. Hicks
Linda S. Hope
Vanna Howard
Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Howe, Jr.
Verna Hughes
Vernis and Emerald Jackson
Alfred James
Monica Kanellas
Danielle Kehoe
Dvoralyn J. Kerr
James Kerr and Rita Bonazzo-Kerr
Sara Khun
Thomas and Heather Kirwin
Lianna Kushi
Amy and Mike Lee
Lenzi Catering Co., Inc.
Karen J. Levitt
William F. Lipchitz
Maria Lopez `98
Lorraine Louanis
Brenda Loucks
Lowell Community Health Center
Lowell Five Cent Savings Bank
Lowell General Hospital
Jennifer Luddy and Seth Dunn
James C. and Judith G. Mabry
Royall and Valerie Mack
Melia Mahoney
Donald Main
Bopha Malone
Dennis and Cassi Malvers
Roy and Edna Mathieu
Martha Mayo
Joe and Nancy Meehan
Donna Miceli Dance Center
Dr. Priscilla B. Millin and Rev. Paul D. Millin
Willie Mitchell
Darmery Montoya `99 and Elkin Montoya
Leslie M. Morin
Eileen Morrison
John Moynihan
William and Thelma Murphy
Derek Murphy
Judith G. Murray
Uta S. Musgray
Louise C. Myers
Cencillia Obika
Nels and Peggy Palm
Joseph Patuto
Pearl E. Perry
Richard and Donna Peterson
Michael and Judith Pigeon
John and Paula Pitcher
Sovanna Pouv `09
Cecile Provencher
Capt. Clifton E. Reed
Marion and Bruce Riddick
Shamir J. Rivera
Nancy and George Robb
Bruce and Susan Robinson
Enid J. Rocha
Linda Rohrer
Jim Ross
Patricia Scannell
Marina and Peter Schell
Scott Scotnicki
Virginia M. Scott
Philip J. Sisson
Lura and Robert Smith
Joseph and Donna Smith
Irving and Audrey Smith
Rosalie Stewart
Shirley A. Thomas
Paras Traganos
Jean R. Trounstine
Rose Marie and Emanuel Tucker
John Gavriel and Susan Turcotte-Gavriel
Charles F. Twomey, Jr.
Jay Uhler
Andrea Weaver
Drew Weber
Augusta and Fred Williams
Minister Jimmie Woods and Mrs. Laura Woods
Anonymous (5)
Strings for Cambodia
Helen Cannon
Darlene Furdock
Pat S. Hyde
John and Janet Koza
Margaret Rack
Johannah Segarich
Maryann Sullivan
Paul H. Sullivan Leadership Institute
Greater Lowell Community Foundation
Drew Weber
Supportive Mind/Body Education
Ciccolo Family Foundation
Veterans Fund
Student Nurses Club
The following donors have provided gifts-in-kind
to support MCC's academic, co-curricular, and
community programs.
AV Presentations
Bedford Farms
Ray Caisse
Chantilly Place
Susan Crandall
Dave Crocker
Domino's Pizza
Stan Fall
Genzyme Sanofi
Luis and Clark
Dennis and Cassi Malvers
Mario's Furniture
Mark's Moving & Storage Inc
North Shore Medical Center
Nourse Farms, Inc
John Rafferty
Red Mill Graphics
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