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like taking
new or
that is just
and making it better," said Middlesex
student Andrew Basbas. "I realized I
needed to get an affordable degree
that gave me the basics to launch my
own business, or to be a driving force
in another's. That's why I enrolled in the
Entrepreneurship Certificate Program."
Students in MCC's 16-credit,
short-term Entrepreneurship
Certificate Program learn how to
develop a plan and strategy for
launching their own business.
They learn about small-business
management, including calculating
start-up costs, profits and loss, as
well as how to communicate with their
client base, and how to market their
product or ideas effectively.
"Someone who is naturally
entrepreneurial just starts doing
something," said Stacie Hargis,
Entrepreneurship Program Coordinator.
"But that doesn't necessarily mean they
have the foundational skills they need
to keep the business progressing.
"Our program is appropriate for anyone
who is already running a business, for
those who are planning to start or grow
a business, or even for those planning
to play a role in a growing business,"
she said.
"I was interested in the certificate
program because I wanted a small
victory," said Basbas. "I had struggled
in college previously and I wanted to
prove to myself that I could do this.
And the courses looked really useful
little did I know just how useful."
In the middle of the spring 2016
semester, two friends contacted
Basbas to ask him for help running
their independent businesses one
a commercial cleaning company and
the other a power-washing company
specializing in commercial buildings.
"Here I was in this entrepreneurship
course that had given me so many ideas
and resources about how to start and
run a business. Then these two people
reached out to me for some guidance.
I thought, `Here is an opportunity.
We should start a business.'"
And that's exactly what they did. The
three colleagues started a partnership.
Basbas manages human resources,
payroll and taxes, while the others use
their industry experience and skills to
work with clients.
"It's been a success," said Basbas.
"We had a lot of people who wanted
to work for us, so we hired more
employees. I don't think it will be a
multi-million dollar venture anytime
soon, but we have clients and a staff
where everyone is getting paid well.
This wouldn't have happened if I wasn't
enrolled at MCC."
Basbas will earn his Entrepreneurship
Certificate in December. He plans
to complete his associate degree in
Business Administration at Middlesex,
and would eventually like to start his
own business working in the private-
security industry.
"The Entrepreneurship Certificate
Program gave me the confidence and
the hands-on experience to be able to
start my first venture, and has prepared
me to start others in the future," he
"This program has incredible value.
There was never a moment during the
program where I was sitting in class
thinking `I'm never going to use this,'"
said Basbas.
"Whether you go to work for a big
company and never see your boss, or
you start something up in your garage
that turns into a bigger company and
anything in between everything you
do in this program is relevant and
connects with something you will do in
your career."
Tura Linderholm
" This program has incredible value.
There was never a moment during
the program where I was sitting in
class thinking `I'm never going to
use this.'"
Andrew Basbas
Entrepreneurship @ MCC
Entrepreneurship Certificate Program
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