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ike many Middlesex students,
Maranda Fahie juggles class, work and
extracurricular activities. Now she has
an added responsibility: giving voice to the
student body as the 2015 student member of
the MCC Board of Trustees.
Fahie commutes every day from her
home in Millbury a 45-minute drive to
attend classes, works a part-time job, and is
actively involved on campus. She serves as
president of the Paralegal Club, co-president
of the Women's Leadership Network, and is
a member of the new college-wide Strategic
Planning Committee.
Born in Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands,
Fahie was raised in Tortola, British Virgin
Islands. She moved to Massachusetts with
her family when she was 13. "We came here
because my mom wanted me and my sister to
have a lot of educational options," she said.
Fahie is only the second person in her large,
extended family to earn a college degree.
"I didn't just go to college because that's
what people did. I wanted to create
opportunities for myself."
Before coming to Middlesex, Fahie graduated
from Framingham State University with a
BA in corporate communications and a minor
in music. "I really wanted to work in the
music business doing artist relations
publicity, marketing and writing. I wanted
to be a songwriter," she said. "But I
changed my mind."
Fahie became interested in law when she
started dealing with legal issues while
working in a marketing-research job after
college. "I thought about going straight to
law school, but I didn't want to pursue
something just because it's glamorized on
TV," she said laughing. "I wanted to get
hands-on experience first, just to be sure it
really was my passion."
After doing extensive research on community
colleges in the area, Fahie enrolled in MCC's
Paralegal Studies Program and found her
passion. "I chose Middlesex because it has
the only paralegal program that's approved
by the American Bar Association. There is
substance and diversity to the course
offerings you don't get anywhere else."
Fahie graduated with an associate degree
in Paralegal Studies in May 2014, and has
since returned to pursue a second degree in
criminal justice. "I know I want to be
an attorney," said Fahie. "The Criminal
Justice Program is helping me decide if I
want to work toward being a district attorney
or if I want to work in corporate law. Law
school is expensive. It's a big step you
have to be certain."
In her role as Student Trustee, Fahie serves
as a liaison between the student body
and the administration. "Sometimes,
administrators don't always understand
what students are going through. I bring
the student perspective the student voice
to the table," said Fahie.
But she wants to do more than sit as an
observer. She hopes to use her position
as Student Trustee and as a member of
the Strategic Planning Committee to bring
an uncensored point of view to the
administration by hosting two
student-only open forums.
"It's really interesting and exciting to be a
part of the Strategic Planning Committee,"
said Fahie. "I get to see how the mission and
vision of the college are changing, and where
the college is going in the future. I think I can
help in that process by providing a consistent
and honest student perspective," she added.
After graduating from the Criminal Justice
Program in May, Fahie plans to take the LSAT
exam and apply to law school. She has also
planned a visit to the Virgin Islands, since
she hasn't been back since 2010.
"I'm looking forward to going back and
showing my family they can accomplish
anything," said Fahie. "My mom always told
me that I could do anything and I've always
believed it. But you have to work for it.
Dreams don't work unless you're working."
Tura Linderholm
Student Profile
New Student Trustee
Has a Passion for the Law
Paralegal Studies student Maranda Fahie is the
2015-16 MCC Student Trustee.