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Main Lowell Campus Building
Named in Honor of Carole Cowan
The Middlesex Community College Board of Trustees recently voted to name MCC's
main Lowell campus building the Dr. Carole A. Cowan Center. The motion passed
unanimously to recognize and laud the achievements of President Cowan during her
38 years of service to the college, including the last 24 years as president.
"I was honored and proud on behalf of the Trustees to bring forward a motion that
properly honors the accomplishments of President Carole Cowan," said Chairman
Royall M. Mack Sr. "Dr. Cowan spent 14 years as an accomplished faculty member
and department chairwoman for this college, but as its president for the past 24
years, she has elevated Middlesex to become the flagship of the Massachusetts
community college system."
To learn more about the legacy of excellence in educational leadership of
President Carole A. Cowan, visit