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Middlesex Community College
to know if you've won the game unless you start keeping
score.' And I said, `You're absolutely, right!' He encouraged
us to get the numbers, and to get people comfortable with
getting the numbers."
Consequently, the college started investing in institutional
research, Cowan explained, which led to the capacity to do
program review, course assessment and many other internal-
assessment models. Today, assessment is a hot topic in
higher-education circles, but Middlesex was way out in front
of the trend, thanks to O'Mahony, she said.
"You didn't know it at the time, because the state wasn't
asking for those numbers. But, that's a good example of a
Board of Trustees member saying, `You had better be able to
show this in the future,' and he was right."
The next Trustees Chairman Cowan worked with was
William J. Chemelli, retired Belmont Police Lieutenant and
a Middlesex alum. "Bill has been with us as a trustee and
a chairman for many, many years coming in and off the
board, depending on how many years he could serve. And in
all the years he has been on the board, he has never missed a
meeting not one.
"As a graduate of our Criminal Justice Program, Bill has
always, always been concerned about the students and their
experience here."
Current Chairman Royall Mack Sr. has been on the Board of
Trustees since 2007 and was appointed chairman in 2012.
A retired corporate officer with Gillette Co., he is currently
founder and CEO of Ciara Enterprises.
"Royall sees his job as handling this transition to a new
president and having the board prepared to know what it
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