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Celebrating the Legacy of President Carole A. Cowan
artnering with the Board of
Trustees for Middlesex Success
very college president works
closely with their board of
trustees, and President Carole Cowan
likes to use one of her favorite words
"partnership" to describe her
relationship with the Middlesex Board
of Trustees.
"The members of the Board of Trustees
are good citizens who volunteer their
time on behalf of the college. They
have a vision of what a community
college should be or could be and
are willing to devote countless hours
toward it.
"I see them as advocates for the
college. They are your outside eyes
they're working in industry right around
you, they are community leaders. And
they can bring you opportunities. So, it's
a partnership."
During her 24 years as president,
Cowan has developed exceptional
working relationships with Middlesex
trustees. "I have had great, great
Boards of Trustees and fabulous
"When I was first appointed president,
Jim Henderson was finishing up as
chairman and (the late) Tom O'Mahony
had just been appointed to the Board of
Trustees as chairman," Cowan recalled.
O'Mahony was then Executive Director
of the Electronic Systems Center at
Hanscom Air Force Base, and Cowan
credits him with encouraging the
college to embrace a new climate of
"Tom was big on metrics. I remember
him saying, `Carole you're never going
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