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Celebrating the Legacy of President Carole A. Cowan
"It's very simple: Our students
are our customers. It's a
matter of finding out what
students want, what they
need, and trying to provide
it to them in a positive
learning experience."
~ Dr. Carole A. Cowan,
Middlesex President
teaching experience you can give them.
That benefits the institution long-term,
and helps you understand that your
faculty has to be provided with ongoing
professional-development experiences.
"I've always said that professional
development is the R&D in our
`company.' If you're not doing research
and development with your workforce
to support your product you're not
going to stay ahead of the game."
Even before she became president, Cowan
supported professional development.
As Dean of Administrative Services,
rather than hire a professional-
development administrator, she
appropriated the funds directly to
support professional-development
"Before that, attending conferences and
going to seminars the kinds of things
you need to do to stay current you had
to pay for yourself. There was no money
for a travel budget.
"Back then, you couldn't even get an
outside telephone line to Chelsea,"
she said, laughing. "Paying for a
long-distance phone call to Russia (to
arrange a college exchange program)
was a really big deal! Middlesex has
really evolved as an institution
we've come a long way."
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