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Middlesex Community College
oing Global:
International Education at MCC
n 1987, when Middlesex Community College opened a
campus in Lowell, Carole Cowan, then serving as Dean of
Administrative Services, saw an opportunity for the college to
expand its horizons internationally.
"All you have to do is look at the demographics of a city like
Lowell and you know that your faculty are going to have to be
prepared to teach students that come to us from all over the
world," said Cowan.
President Cowan's early efforts to internationalize the faculty
would not only better serve the diverse community of Lowell,
but would have a great and positive impact on student
success overall.
"This was a time in which the U.S. economy was becoming
a global economy," said Cowan. "We knew our graduates
were going to be getting jobs in companies that were doing
business all over the world. It would disadvantage them
if they didn't have a good understanding of the economies
of the world and experience different world cultures."
International education began originally as opportunities
for faculty to participate in summer seminars focusing on
different cultures. It later expanded to include other
professional development opportunities, teacher exchanges,
and student travel.