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Celebrating the Legacy of President Carole A. Cowan
in 2004, the undisputed gem of MCC's
Lowell campus.
Looking to repeat its success with
Nesmith House, the MCC Foundation
acquired the Middlesex Meetinghouse
in 2000 a project that preserved and
beautifully renovated one of Billerica's
oldest farmhouses. "In addition to
saving the building, it was an
opportunity to put Middlesex's name
on Concord Road," said Cowan, since
people can't see the Bedford campus
from that main thoroughfare.
Not finished yet, President Cowan
is currently orchestrating the
transformation of yet another historic
property. Plans are well underway to
turn Lowell's Boston & Maine Building
into an academic arts center some-
thing that has been on her "to-do list"
for years.
"Originally, we were planning to
construct a theater building on the
Bedford campus, but we didn't have
the money," Cowan explained. "I've
always felt that was a missing piece
for the college. It has long been in the
back of my mind that we still had to do
something for the arts and theater." The
B&M Building will feature two theaters,
a dance studio and arts classrooms,
and is scheduled to open in 2017.
Building Middlesex has been a constant
process of discovery, planning and
execution, said Cowan. "The key to our
success has been looking for opportuni-
ties for the college, being able to envi-
sion what could be an opportunity for
the college, and having the help around
us to make those opportunities happen.
"When I started, we were worried
about (the state) shutting us down! We
had no permanent campuses. For all
those years, it was a matter of building
up the college and that's what I love
to do, so, it was a good match. We've
built up something special."
Kathy Register