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Celebrating the Legacy of President Carole A. Cowan
help you avoid stepping on the land mines out there," Cowan
laughed. "I never put myself in a position where I thought I
knew everything, because I never did. But what I always had
were people around me that were strong contributors. I was a
strong team member, and when needed, became a leader
in that team."
"I hope in the end, people will believe that I put Middlesex on
the map. That's the local, the state, the national and global
maps," Cowan said. "Not just in what we were doing, but
how we were doing it."
So why retire now, 14 years past her planned exit?
"When it's time, you know it. The college has never been
in such good shape, with everything queued up, and it's
time to pass it on to the next leader," Cowan said. "I think
it's like when your son comes home and says he's moving to
California, you realize it's time for the next chapter in your life.
With everything we've accomplished at Middlesex, and set
the table for what's next, I feel as if everything is in place to
help continue moving this college forward."
"My team and I built a very strong community college and
set very high standards on performance, and I believe I'm
leaving an institution that should be set for decades to
come," Cowan said.
What's next? For starters, she is going to begin serving a
term on the college's fund-raising Foundation. And travel is
on the docket as well, to America's west coast, as well as to
parts of Europe she hasn't visited.
Very close to home? "I can tell you I'm not going to get up
some days until 8 o'clock. It's going to take a while for me
to get off email, but I hope I can shake the feeling of a 24/7
schedule easily," she said.
"I'm shocked by the reaction some people have that I was
going to just keep on going. I don't know whether that's a
compliment or not, but it tells me people are generally happy
with the college and what we've been doing," said Cowan.
"I drove in here to the Bedford campus today and stopped to
notice how beautiful the landscaping was," said Cowan. "It
was a beautiful fall day, the foliage looked great on the quad.
And I thought, we planned for this color. We knew what we
wanted this college to look like on a beautiful fall day. And
in the end, working together, all of us students, staff,
faculty, Trustees and so many other partners, we achieved
that dream."
Patrick Cook
A Presidency
By the Numbers
Student Enrollment
1990 10,257
2014 13,000+
Number of Graduates
1990 763
2014 1,357
Number of degree & certificate programs offered
1990 49
2014 75+
Number of countries with MCC partnerships
1990 1
2014 30+