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Health & STEM Pathways Center
Helping Students Find Their Way
to Academic and Career Success
"The Health & STEM Pathways
Center has strong partnerships with
other MCC services, including Career
Services, the Career Navigators, and
the Academic Centers for Enrichment.
We are working together to help
successfully guide students through
the educational and career pathways
that are right for them."
Kathleen Sweeney, Dean of Health & STEM
TOP: Health & STEM Pathways Center staff (left to right) Audrey
Frater, Suzanne McHale and Afua Serwa Addae-Adoo work with students
one-on-one and in groups. BOTTOM: McHale demonstrates proper laboratory
techniques during the Pathways Center's Summer Bridge Program.
Center staff work individually with students to formulate
long-range integrated academic and career plans, identify life
issues that may need support, provide direct service counseling
and advising to students, and coordinate facilitated study
groups and tutoring.
"Our Health & STEM Pathways Center is a student
achievement program that is focused on enhancing students'
educational opportunities by providing career exploration,
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placement and academic support," said Kathleen Sweeney,
MCC's Dean of Health and STEM.
"Research shows that college students are more successful when
someone works closely with them. It's not just advising once or
twice a semester, but building relationships with students that
helps them better prepare for career pathways," said Sweeney.