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Eastern Bank Supports Workforce Development at MCC
MCC Awarded State Rapid Response Grant
Middlesex is one of only 10 community colleges to receive a
Rapid Response Incentive Fund Grant from the Massachusetts
Department of Higher Education (DHE). This new $75,000
workforce-training grant will provide English as a second
language (ESL) training at Lowell General Hospital (LGH).
In partnership with LGH, Middlesex will provide ESL
training tailored for the hospital's workforce, as well as utilize
contextualized curriculum modules developed through the
Massachusetts Community College & Workforce Development
"Transformation Agenda." This program aims to boost employee
effectiveness and advancement opportunities, add to patient
satisfaction, and help facilitate improved patient care.
The Rapid Response Incentive Program was funded to
support efforts at community colleges to respond quickly
to the workforce development needs of state employers.
To qualify, these grant funds are to be used to establish
workforce-training programs within 90 days of a request
received from an employer.
DHE received a number of Rapid Response proposals
from community colleges that reflected synergistic
working relationships with local employers, and which
offered an avenue to meet employers' training needs. In
many cases, this grant program has allowed employers to
offer training that will allow them to grow the jobs available
in their companies, and to expand the marketable skills
of their employees.
Strategies for Success Update
MCC's Strategies for Success (Title III) initiative is completing
its fifth and final year of redesign work.
The college has met or exceeded all goals articulated in the
federal grant. Approximately 50 gateway and developmental
courses have been redesigned. More than 1,100 educational
plans have been created. The Academic Alert system is fully
integrated into the student success culture, and advising
materials have been redesigned for all programs of study.
Plus, more than 500 part-time faculty have been trained in
the Strategies for Success curriculum, as well as Degree
Works and the Academic Alert system.
In 2008, MCC was awarded a five-year Title III grant
from the U.S. Department of Education's Strengthening
Institutions Grant Program totaling close to $2 million. In
addition, Middlesex has matched $1.2 million over the same
five-year period to further support this work. Titled Strategies
for Success: Increasing Achievement, Persistence, Retention
and Engagement, the grant project focused on comprehensive
enhanced advising and curricula initiatives, which were linked
together throughout the five-year implementation.
MCC's Strategies for Success work over the past few years has
been extremely influential. It enabled the college to add three
full-time positions, as well as a number of technology tools
designed to promote student success. It has also informed the
ongoing work of the mathematics Ramp-Up initiative, as well
as the state Department of Higher Education's Vision Project.
News Briefs
As part of its 2013 commitment to
support workforce development
programs across eastern Massachusetts
(particularly those addressing the
skills gap), Eastern Bank has awarded
$10,000 to Middlesex. Shown here
at the presentation ceremony
(left to right): Jay Linnehan, MCC Executive Vice President; Joe Bartolotta,
Eastern Bank Senior Vice President of Marketing & Public Relations; Carole
Cowan, Middlesex President; and Paula Pitcher, MCC Vice President of
Enrollment Management, Research & Planning.