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Student Profile
Katie Kennedy
New Student Trustee Fosters
Sustainability and Community
Katie Kennedy is the 2013-14 student member of the
MCC Board of Trustees.
he new student member of the MCC Board of Trustees
has a mission.
Katie Kennedy wants to bring more local and
healthy food options to campus, while fostering community and
sustainable living.
While this may seem like a tall order, Kennedy has
already made strides in achieving her goals. The Lexington
resident has served as president of MCC's Sustainability
Club, is a member of the S.E.E.D. (Students Engaged in
Entrepreneurial Development) Club, worked as an intern
for the Sustainability Advisory Committee, and is a
Campus Catalyst grant recipient.
"Getting involved at MCC has helped me succeed
tremendously," said Kennedy. As president of the
Sustainability Club, she played a vital role in expanding
the Community Garden on the Bedford campus. She
played an active role in researching and pitching the idea
to college administrators, and fundraising for the
organic garden.
"The garden is the best," said Kennedy. "And the expansion has
made it a true Community Garden. There are now enough plots
for the entire MCC community -- not just students, but faculty
and staff to participate. It stands for everything I believe in --
sustainable living and fostering community."
Kennedy maintains two plots of her own in the Community
Garden. She grows mostly holistic herbs, like lemon balm, sage,
lavender, chamomile and echinacea, plus vegetables, including
collard greens, beans, kale, tomatoes and tomatillos.
She uses the idea of companion planting -- plants that
alternately repel and/or attract insects -- to help maintain her
plot. "I plant marigolds around the perimeter of my garden.
They help keep bad bugs out, but attract bees to help
pollinate my other plants, like tomatoes."
Kennedy learned many of her gardening skills from her father.
"I really got into gardening after my dad was diagnosed with
cancer," said Kennedy. "I found solace in the garden then.
Now that he's healthier, he teaches me about gardening."
In her work as a Campus Catalyst, Kennedy combines her
love of gardening and sustainability with her passion for
helping people access healthy, local food options. She works
with members of Girls Inc. of Greater Lowell, to grow their
own healthy foods in a local community garden.
"I'm looking forward to working
with student government and
college administrators to get the
campus healthier, because if you
don't have your health, you can't
get an education."
Katie Kennedy
2013-14 Student Trustee