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Academy of Health Professions
Training Health Care Students
to Quickly Enter the Workforce
he capable assistant who cares for
your elderly aunt in the nursing
home is likely a graduate of Middlesex
Community College's Academy of
Health Professions (AHP).
o, too, is the friendly receptionist at
your doctor's office who makes sure you
and other patients are greeted warmly
and taken care of promptly. And the
well-trained phlebotomist who skillfully
draws blood from your loved one's arm
and drains it into color-coded vials for
lab tests? He's probably an AHP
graduate, too.
Indeed, since 2010, MCC's AHP has turned
out a growing number of skilled health care
workers to meet the industry's increasing
needs. They're part of the current trend
in health care, which has patients seeing
several medical professionals before and
after seeing their doctors.
These trained medical receptionists,
office administrators, nursing assistants,
phlebotomists and clinical laboratory
Denise Garrow-Pruitt, Assistant Dean of Health (left), and Academy of Health Professions Director
Angel Pepin (right) have extensive experience as hospital administrators and share that knowledge
with AHP students.
"Our goal is to
help those who are
unemployed or
underemployed learn
the skills and get into
jobs in the medical field
with 18 to 29 credits
and a certificate."
Denise Garrow-Pruitt,
Assistant Dean of Health