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MCC Executive Vice President Jay Linnehan (left), Mike McQuaid, former
Director of the Lowell Career Center, and Kathleen Sweeney, Dean of
Health & STEM, celebrate the opening of two new clinical laboratories
on the Lowell campus.
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advisors and simply as friends.
The Pathways Center also provides extensive and individualized
career-support services and specialized placement assistance to
ensure students have a good experience in the workforce when
they move on from MCC.
Afua Serwa Addae-Adoo is the Center's Job Placement Specialist
for Health & STEM Pathways. Many jobs in the health & STEM
field require some level of field experience, so Addae-Adoo
works closely with program faculty and staff to prepare students
to gain that necessary experience.
Frater works to help develop internship and Research Experience
for Undergraduate (REU) placement opportunities for STEM
students with area employers and four-year institutions. REUs
provide students paid opportunities to build laboratory skills and
gain hands-on experience, but they are often highly competitive
with applicants from across the nation.
Addae-Adoo then helps students prepare for internship, REU and
job placements by helping them write resumes and cover letters.
She also helps students by providing interview coaching and job
strategy tips, hosting career-related workshops and fieldtrips, and
MCC's Pathways Center is one of the most all-encompassing of its
kind among community colleges and even four-year institutions.
"Recent research shows that other institutions have programs
similar to the Pathways Center, but nothing as comprehensive
as ours," said Frater. "Some programs focus more on one or two
pieces, but our program includes as many resources as possible."
"The Pathways Center has strong partnerships with other MCC
services, including Career Services, the Career Navigators, and
the Academic Centers for Enrichment," added Sweeney. "We are
working together to help successfully guide students through the
educational and career pathways that are right for them."
MCC's Health & STEM Pathways Center is located at 67
Middle St. Suite 300, on the Lowell campus. The Center is open
Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Additional hours
are available by appointment.
Tura Linderholm