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Commencement 2012
TV's `Judge Alex' Ferrer Encourages
Grads to Take Chances
Partner to Educate
Security Officers
Middlesex has partnered with the
Transportation Security Admin-
istration (TSA) to help advance the
education and careers of transportation
security officers at Logan International
Airport by offering courses toward a
TSA Associate Degree.
The TSA Associate Degree program is
a jumpstart for officers who want to
pursue a degree in higher education.
The program allows them to take

classes at or near their home airport,
while concurrently working for the
TSA. It also provides the workforce
with new skills, information and tools
to help improve customer service.
Last spring, MCC and the TSA held a
ceremony to recognize 12 transportation
security officers who successfully
completed three courses, earning them a
TSA Certificate of Achievement.
Currently, more than 2,500
transportation security officers have
enrolled in the TSA's Associate Degree
program across the country. Classes have
been offered at more than 70 airports
via partnerships with more than 60
community colleges in all 50 states,
enabling nearly half of the officers the
opportunity to enroll. In Massachusetts,
Middlesex runs the program in
partnership with the TSA at Logan
Middlesex Students
Help Preschoolers
in Jumpstart
Twelve Middlesex students volunteered
last spring to teach preschoolers in
Lowell and Lawrence as part of the
national Jumpstart for Young Children
Program. A national early-education
organization, Jumpstart helps children
from low-income families develop the
language and literacy skills needed to
be successful in school. Jumpstart
recruits and trains college students and
community volunteers to deliver a
quality early-education curriculum to
preschoolers, setting them on a path to
close the achievement gap before it is
too late.
Middlesex Jumpstart members served
at CTI James Houlares Early Learning
Center in Lowell, the Lawrence
YMCA, and Community Day Care in
Lawrence. They worked eight to 12
hours a week, partnered with a small
group of children and read books, sang
songs, and played games that support
the children's language and literacy
development. Several students earned
work-study grants, and 10 earned
AmeriCorps Education Awards of
$1,175 upon completing 300
hours of service.
Since 1993, Jumpstart has trained
nearly 25,000 college students and
community volunteers to deliver its
program to more than 100,000
preschool children nationwide.
Currently, Jumpstart has more than
650 college student and community
volunteers working with 1,400
Massachusetts preschool children
living in low-income neighborhoods
in Greater Boston, Southeast
Massachusetts and the
Merrimack Valley.

UMass Lowell
Waives Tuition for
Top Community
College Students
High-achieving community college
graduates can now pursue a bachelor's
degree at UMass Lowell tuition-free
through the new UMass Lowell
Massachusetts Advantage Plus (MAP)
State community college students who
have earned an associate's degree in an
approved program with a 3.0 or better
grade point average will be eligible for
a full tuition discount when they
transfer to the university. Students who
maintain a 3.0 average at UMass
Lowell will be eligible for the discount
for up to four semesters, the typical
length of time needed to finish a
bachelor's degree.
MAP also offers priority class
registration and advising, co-op and
internship opportunities, and
guaranteed campus housing to eligible
community college students.
MCC and TSA staff recently honored the first
12 TSA security officers at Logan International
Airport to complete courses in the TSA
Associate Degree program.
MCC students (left to right) Evelyn Vasquez,
Chelsea Newcomb and Natalie Perez volunteered
at Community Day Care in Lawrence as part of the
national Jumpstart for Young Children Program