background image
design schemes, and ultimately
assisted in the creation
of templates used to create a consistent
look for the entire site.
The Web Team also created some new
infrastructure for the site, including a
new Web Policy, new Privacy
Statement, Web Editor Best Practices,
and a Web Request Flowchart, all
designed to enhance user-friendliness.
The two-year redesign process engaged
the entire college community. It
included gathering feedback via
surveys from students, faculty and
staff. The process also involved
extensive usability testing to ensure
accessibility, ease of finding accurate
information, and consistent
navigation. The new site also allows
visitors to connect with the
college via Facebook,
YouTube and Twitter.
"Ease of use and
functionality are key
improvements," said
Yoder, MCC's chief
technology officer. "Each
page is now in a single
system, with
centralized navigation,
which looks and
functions the same on
every page. The
uniform design adds
throughout the
Everyone at the
responsible for
editing content
of a particular
page or
section is
being trained
how to use the new site,
and on the importance of keeping their
pages updated, using the templates
provided. People will learn how to use
a new set of tools to update
information and how to use the
college's new, comprehensive digital
asset management system, which
allows archived college images to be
searched and downloaded.
A key element of MCC's new website
is that it is a work in progress.
Linnehan noted that the site launch
marks the end of Phase One of a
continuing website design process, and
Phase Two is now underway.
"We had a `wish list' of 58 website
requests, and were able to
accommodate 52 of them. We will
work on the others during Phase Two,"
said Linnehan. "We want to
implement what the college wants.
We want all our constituencies to use
the site often, and think it would be
especially useful for keeping alumni
connected and informed. We are
looking into creating an app so
everyone, particularly students, can
access info from their smart phones
and mobile devices."
The Web Team welcomes feedback
from the college community. Members
are also gathering new analytical data
on how many people are using the site
and how long they use it. Geographic
data is also available on where users are
"Good decisions are driven by data,
and we are getting positive
information that our new site is being
used by more people for longer periods
of time," said Linnehan. "I think this
redesign project has had a positive
impact on the entire college
community. We expect to continue to
make improvements and add new
features to meet the ever-changing
needs of technology, and we value
feedback from everyone."
Deborah Kearney
For more information, comments or questions
about MCC's new website, please contact:
Executive Vice President Jay Linnehan led a series
of MCC Website Forums to inform students, staff
and faculty about the newly redesigned site.