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iddlesex unveiled a

new, redesigned and
enhanced website
in early A ugust. The dynamic, user-
friendly new site welcomed everyone
back to campus for the start of the new
academic year.
"Our old website had become difficult
to navigate, especially for students,"
said MCC Executive Vice President Jay
Linnehan. "People would get frustrated
looking for information, and the look
and feel of the site did not represent
the college. It did not tell our unique
Linnehan was a driving force behind
the project, but is quick to note that
he worked extensively throughout the
entire process with the MCC Web
Team: Jennifer Aradhya, director of
marketing communications; Brad
Yoder, chief technology officer;
Matthew Scales, manager, internet
technologies; Ellen Ricca, technology
center Web and support applications
manager; and Cheryl Scales,
technology center staff associate.
"All Web Team members brought
different expertise and skillsets to the
table, and shepherded the project from
beginning to end," said Linnehan.
This team will continue to be
responsible for the maintenance,
monitoring and management of the
site, he added.
MCC's new site was completely
redesigned and reconfigured by Paskill
Stapleton & Lord (PS&L), a higher-
education marketing and consulting
firm based in Springfield. Working
collaboratively with the Web Team,
PS&L developed the website's
information architecture based upon a
series of site-mapping sessions,
proposed a number of
New MCC Website Launched