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stronger appreciation for the simple
things in everyday life that I so often
take for granted. Thank you MCC, for
providing me with this incredible
For more information about MCC's
International Education Fellowship Program,
contact Patricia Demaras, assistant dean of
international & multicultural affairs, at
demarasp@middlesex. or 978-656-3256.
Four Middlesex Community College
students were recently awarded Dr.
Jeffrey Chuan Chu Memorial
Fellowships to participate in MCC's
2012 International Education
Fellowship Program to China, by BTU
International Inc. of Billerica.
Fiona Jamal Almeida, Rebekah
Dufrene, William Pelland and Tyler
Vaughn were presented with the
awards in June. The ceremony took
place at the Middlesex Meetinghouse,
in the presence of Chu's widow, Loretta
Yung Chu.
BTU is a leading supplier of advanced
thermal processing equipment for the
alternative-energy and electronics
manufacturing markets. Jeffrey Chuan
Chu (1919-2011) was a pioneer in the
development of early computer
technologies and a crusader for USA-
China cultural exchange. He served as
a consultant and later as director of the
board for BTU from 1991 through
February of 2009, and was highly
instrumental in the start of BTU's
operations in China.
"When the BTU Board of Directors
decided to honor Dr. Chu's memory,
we found a great partner in the Asian
Studies Development Program of
MCC, not only acting upon his
lifelong drive to bridge the cultures of
China and the U.S., but also to benefit
young students in our local
community," said Paul Van Der
Wansem, Chairman and CEO of BTU
International. "We think of all the
lessons we learned from Dr. Chu as our
mentor and are proud to help these
local students broaden their horizons."

The following day, June 15, we visited
BTU International's Shanghai facility.
This was the highlight of Shanghai for
many of us, since we had already
visited BTU's Billerica plant in May.
BTU's employees were very welcoming
and generous, gifting us with Boston
Red Sox caps and taking us to a
fabulous lunch at one of Shanghai's
best restaurants. We were even treated
to the favorite dish of the scholarship's
namesake, Dr. Jeffrey Chuan Chu:
Shanghai dumplings. Although we
were all very excited to be there, the
realization that our trip was coming to
an end was lingering in our thoughts.
After spending a wonderful morning
and afternoon with BTU employees,
we drove to downtown Shanghai and
visited the famous Oriental Pearl TV
Tower, the second tallest structure in
China at more than 1,500 feet. The
tower's glass floors and walls gave us
incredible views of Shanghai's
nighttime skyline and the Huangpu
River. After the tower, we took a
relaxing cruise along the river a
perfect way to spend our last night in
Fifteen days: That's how long our trip
to China lasted. In retrospect, it sounds
like a very short amount of time, but
the memories and impact of those 15
days will last a lifetime. Those few days
gave me a solid platform in becoming a
more globally aware and culturally
sensitive individual. My experience in
China also helped me to have a
Four MCC Students Awarded Chu Memorial Fellowships
After touring BTU International's Shanghai facility,
MCC China fellows enjoyed a lavish lunch including
Shanghai dumplings with BTU employees.
Dr. Jeffrey Chuan Chu Memorial Fellowships award ceremony (left to right): Tyler Vaughn, Rebekah Dufrene, Fiona Jamal
Almeida, BTU International Chairman Paul Van Der Wansem, Loretta Yung Chu and MCC President Carole Cowan.
Student Recalls Trip to China
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