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anniversary of Sullivan's 2007 death to
his widow, Mary-Jo Griffin. Griffin
serves as MCC director of outreach and
development in the Public Affairs Office,
and director of MCC's Paul H. Sullivan
Leadership Institute. She said Sullivan
had always wanted to do a book of his
columns, and had, in fact, previously
collected copies of more than a decade's
worth of columns.
According to Griffin, "The hard work
and hours of research it would take to
complete the project would not have
been possible without the financial
support of our incredibly generous
"Also, everyone we contacted for
information and photos was instantly
supportive, enthusiastic and responsive
from past and current local and national
elected officials, to old friends and
colleagues," said Griffin. "We tried to
get updates from many of the people he
featured in his columns."
After poring over thousands of columns,
Cook decided to group the columns into
five themes: political, Lowell activities,
human interest, family and general
"The book is not just Paul's story. It is
the story of his era, about local and
national politics, historical events of
Greater Lowell, family activities and
more," said Cook. "Over the arc of the
columns, you see the staples of Lowell, as
well as the local and national political
climate. Paul talked to everybody about
everything. He talked about all issues
and helped shaped public opinion."
"Paul had great intuition," said Griffin.
"He was one of the first to declare that
Deval Patrick would be the next
governor when Patrick was still
unknown to voters. Paul was also one of
the first to voice the opinion that Gov.
Mitt Romney would one day run for
president," she added.
"Through the columns, we could see
how Paul's style evolved over the years.
It was almost like seeing him `grow up'
"Sully: The Words,
Wit and Wisdom of
Paul Sullivan
On sale in the MCC
Bookstores (located
in the Bedford Campus
Center, 591 Springs Road; and 88
Middle St., in Lowell) and online:
through his writings," said Cook. The
MCC Foundation launched the Sullivan
Leadership Institute in 2008. Its goal is
to prepare Middlesex students for a
smooth and successful transition to
becoming leaders in the workforce and
the community. The program offers
intensive, interactive on-campus
workshops, off-site summits, and special
social and community events. "It's up to
us to not only help identify leaders of
tomorrow, but to teach them what it
means to lead," was the vision Sullivan
had for the institute.
Sadly, Sullivan died before his vision
could be realized. However, the tangible
Sullivan threw out the first pitch at WBZ's 2006
Lowell Spinners Night after asking Sun readers
(in jest) to cheer loudly for him so "the suits" at
WBZ would be impressed!
*$25 online price includes shipping.
Sully's Sponsors
The Chris and Jean Egan Foundation
Elkin and Donna McCallum
The Demoulas Foundation
Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Massachusetts
John and LindaChemaly
Chancellor Martin T. Meehan
Lowell Sun Charities
The Lowell Five Cent
Savings Bank
Eastern Bank
Enterprise Bank
Howell Communications
The Durkin Company
All Sports Heroes
accomplishments of the student-
leadership program ensure that his
legacy endures.
The Leadership Institute is an
exceptional program, just as Sullivan
was an exceptional person. To date, 65
Middlesex students have participated.
The Sullivan Leadership Institute, the
MCC Foundation's new Paul H.
Sullivan Scholarship program, and the
book all add luster to an already
brilliant life and fulfill the wishes of a
man so many people were proud to call
a friend.
Deborah Kearney