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ast January, Bill Cahalane was reading the Boston
Globe online, when a story about Gov. Deval
Patrick's plans to centralize control of
Massachusetts' community colleges and increase
funding for the schools caught his eye.
A 1985 Middlesex Community College graduate, Cahalane
immediately sat down and wrote a letter to the Globe,
praising his education at MCC and encouraging the piece of
the Governor's plan that talked about increasing financial
support for community colleges.
"My goal was to lend support to the governor's efforts to
increase funding at community colleges," said Cahalane, 47.
In his letter, Cahalane wrote: "Some of the most challenging
courses I ever had were taught by instructors at Middlesex
Community College it was there that I not only learned the
fundamentals of business management, but also the study
skills that would last me through graduate school."
He also noted that he still applies lessons learned in the '80s at
MCC to his current job as manager of global logistics for
American Honda Motor Co. "I had a wonderful experience at
Middlesex," Cahalane said recently by phone from his Los
Angeles office. "The faculty was focused on ensuring that we
got a great education. And it wasn't about just passing exams
-- it was about practical knowledge."
Cahalane grew up in Woburn -- one of Pat and the-late Gene
Cahalane's five children. His parents worked hard providing
for their kids Gene was a custodian in the Burlington
schools and Pat as a circuit boards inspector for a defense
Bill Cahalane
Solid Foundation at Middlesex
Drives His Corporate Career
Middlesex alumnus William (Bill) Cahalane (Class of '85) is Manager of
Global Logistics for American Honda Motor Co.