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Gabrielle Davis Joins
MCC Board of Trustees
s Gabrielle Davis immersed
herself into campus life at
Middlesex, pursuing her
studies and volunteering for
student organizations, she quickly
discovered she had a passion for
leadership and service to her peers. Now,
she is taking these newly found skills to
the next level, serving as student trustee
on the MCC Board of Trustees for the
2012-2013 academic year.
A resident of Dracut, Davis is originally
from Indiana. However, because her
former husband was in the U.S. Navy, she
has lived in South Carolina, New York
and Washington. Davis relished the
multiple moves, which occurred over the
course of seven years. "Everywhere I
went, it was an opportunity to learn
something about myself, other people,
and the country," she said. "Each region
was completely different from Indiana,
which is very rural."
As the mother of three young children,
Davis had to put off pursuing her
education, but always knew she would
jump back into her studies when it was
the right time. She enrolled at MCC in
January of 2011, in the Liberal Arts and
Sciences degree program, with a
concentration in communications. Davis
has since expanded her involvement at
the college far beyond academics,
volunteering and participating in
numerous extracurricular activities, most
of which focus on helping her classmates.
Soon after arriving at MCC, she joined
the Student Union Government
Association (SUGA) and currently serves
as secretary. For Davis, SUGA's role is to
offer a solid foundation in support of
student initiatives. She created a
monthly online Club & Organization
Newsletter to further increase
communication with students about
campus activities, and also to help
empower the clubs by promoting
awareness of their events and sharing
their achievements. "Communication is
such an issue with students," said Davis,
"and it has been hard to get word out on
what SUGA and the clubs are doing."
Davis is also volunteering as a peer coach
for MCC's TRiO Student Success
Program, a state/federal program that
serves low-income and first-generation
college students, and individuals with
disabilities. She said that TRiO had
given her the support she needed when
she began her educational path at
In addition, Davis served as a teaching
assistant and peer mentor for the "First
Year Experience General Education
Seminar," which helps students generate
a personalized academic and financial
plan for their years at Middlesex and
"I want to see people succeed," said
Davis. "Students always tell me the same
things: School is too difficult, they don't
know where to begin, or how to manage
their time. However, being a mother of
three, a full-time student, and also
engaged and involved in school, I am
good at those things and can give them
Davis' full schedule hasn't stopped her
from also achieving a high grade point
average. She is a member of Phi Theta
Kappa, the national honor society for
two-year colleges, and attended the
organization's International Conference
in Nashville.
All of these roles have enabled Davis to
develop the leadership skills she will
need as student trustee. "As the liaison
between the Board of Trustees and
student government, I represent the
student body," she said. "I will be able to
give my viewpoint on what students
need and want, and then report back to
the student government.
"As student leaders, much of our success
relies on being creative and collaborating
with one another. Being an older,
nontraditional student, I understand the
importance of my role among my peers
and hope to encourage creative and
positive leadership as the Student
After her expected graduation in May
2013, Davis plans to transfer to a four-
year college to continue her education.
She is undecided on exactly what she
wants to study, but does know she will
focus on combining her writing and
public speaking skills, as well as
continue to cultivate her leadership
"I hope I can develop myself as a leader
to empower women, especially single
moms, because I was a single mother for
several years after my divorce," said
Davis. "I want to focus now on building
the younger generation up."
Amy Magin Wong