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Hogan has an MBA and is well
equipped to lead her division in this
innovative new direction. She began
working at the college part-time in
1991 in Enrollment Services, then
became associate registrar in 1994 and
worked in Enrollment Management for
eight years. Hogan moved to the
academic side as assistant dean of
business administration in 2000, and
was named dean of business,
engineering & technology in 2007. Last
year, the name was changed to Business,
Education & Public Services to more
accurately reflect its function. Hogan
received her bachelor's degree from
Boston College and her MBA from
Rivier College in New Hampshire.
Deborah Walsh, MCC assistant dean
of business, entrepreneurship & legal
studies, will direct the Center for
Entrepreneurship. The center will
oversee the Campus Catalyst Program,
founded and funded by the Deshpande
Foundation; the Desai Launch Pad,
funded by Samir Desai, longtime
member of the MCC Foundation Board;
the annual business plan c ompetition
Middlesex sponsors for high school
students; and professional development
activities for faculty and staff.
"The Center for Entrepreneurship is for
all members of the campus community,
not just business students," said Walsh.
"We want to focus on developing skills
and capabilities so students in any
major and anybody with a good idea
can become an entrepreneur. We want
to help them launch their dreams. If
you see a problem and can solve it, you
are an entrepreneur," she said.
An attorney, Walsh joined Middlesex as
an adjunct professor in the Legal
Studies Program in 1995. She became
an assistant professor in 2000 and
professor in 2003. She served as
coordinator of the MCC Law Center
from 20003 until 2012, when she was
named to her current position. Walsh
has also taught at Suffolk University
Law School and Bentley University. She
received her bachelor's and master's
degrees in music education from UMass
Lowell, and her law degree from
Under Hogan and Walsh's direction,
MCC's Center for Entrepreneurship has
secured a grant to hire a part-time
entrepreneur-in-residence and recently
hired Lowell businesswoman Franky
Descoteaux to fill that role. The owner
of Lowell's Mambo Grill and Humanity
clothing store, Descoteaux formerly
served on the Lowell City Council.
Working with Center for
Entrepreneurship staff, she will create
professional-development programs and
workshops for students, faculty and
Two new academic courses are being
created, according to Hogan: "Social
Entrepreneurship" and "Creative
Thought." And an entrepreneurship
blog, to be called MCCEntrepreneur, is
under development.
Middlesex also has hired Luciano Sappia
as a full-time business faculty member.
Sappia is a graduate of Berklee College
of Music and has an MBA from Western
New England College. He has started
and sold several successful businesses,
including a music store and a
restaurant, and has been an adjunct
professor at other Massachusetts
community colleges.
Most recently, Sappia served as a
certified senior business advisor at
UMass Boston's Massachusetts Small
Business Development Center. There,
he provided advisory and training
services for entrepreneurs and business
owners as part of a national U.S. Small
Business Administration-sponsored
public business assistance program. At
MCC, he is teaching "Introduction to
Business" (BUS 110) courses.
Deborah Kearney
For more information, contact MCC Dean of
Business, Education & Public Service Judith
Hogan, at
MCC Students to
Travel to India
for Deshpande
In January,
thanks to a
grant from the
Middlesex faculty and admini-
strators will take students to Hubli,
India, for the Deshpande
Foundation Development Dialogue.
The conference brings together
hundreds of practitioners,
academics, investors, grassroots
activists, philanthropists and
entrepreneurs from across the
world. Partners and grantees in the
foundation's Hubli Sandbox
collectively take stock of their
progress, and dialogue about what
can be done to move forward.
Through discussions, panels, and
small-group breakouts, delegates
share and collaborate on strategies
to improve social innovation and
Enroute to India, the Middlesex
group has plans to stop at Harrow
College in London, where MCC is
partnering in an Entrepreneurial
Passport Program. The U.K.-U.S.
partnership program supports the
delivery of entrepreneurship
education and skills by colleges in
both countries. Community college
students receive "passport
stamps" for participating in
entrepreneurial activities.