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Middlesex Fosters and Grows
Entrepreneurial Spirit
iding the entrepreneurship
trend sweeping across
college campuses, growing
numbers of MCC students
seem to have at least one "genius!" idea
for a new product or service these days
and not just engineering and computer
science majors.
Middlesex offers many innovative
opportunities for students in all
programs of study as well as faculty
and staff to be at the forefront of this
nationwide movement. Judith Hogan,
MCC dean of Business, Education &
Public Service, guides all entrepreneurial
initiatives at the college, including the
new MCC Center for Entrepreneurship,
and the administration of several major
entrepreneurial grants. (See related story,
page 14)
The Center for Entrepreneurship is a
cross-college initiative and will serve as
the umbrella for all entrepreneurial
activities, both academic and noncredit
programs, on campus. (Many noncredit
entrepreneurial courses and workshops
are offered through MCC's Corporate
and Community Education & Training
"We are trying to marshal all internal
resources and external partners in one
center to deal with entrepreneurial ideas
and programs," said Hogan. "We are
joining colleges across the country who
are becoming vital forces for those who
want to be successful college graduates,
as well as successful business owners."
In October, Hogan participated in talks
with the U.S. Department of Commerce
at the White House. Those discussions
focused on current activities to support
entrepreneurs, and identifying
additional resources communities need
in order to grow innovation.
We want to focus on
developing skills
and capabilities so
students in any
major and anybody
with a good idea
can become an
entrepreneur. We
want to help them
launch their dreams.
Deborah Walsh
Assistant Dean of Business,
Entrepreneurship & Legal Studies
Dean of Business, Education & Public Service Judith Hogan (left) and Assistant Dean
of Business, Entrepreneurship & Legal Studies Deborah Walsh are directing efforts
to encourage entrepreneurship at Middlesex.