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hanks to the unique MCC
Barbara B. Saloom four-year
scholarship opportunity,
recent Middlesex graduate
Michael Calarese is able to continue his
education at UMass Amherst this fall.
Designed to support and inspire bright
and deserving high school students who
show great promise, the scholarship was
established by former Middlesex Trustee
Dr. Joseph Saloom, a pioneer in the
development of high-power microwave
tubes, and his late wife, Barbara.
The Saloom Scholarship is the only
award given by Middlesex to a high
school student. It is administered
through the MCC Foundation and
gives up to $5,000 annually to a high
school graduate who attends Middlesex
on a full-time basis. It is renewable for
attendance at a four-year college after
graduation from MCC, based on
continuous academic commitment and
A graduate of Stoneham High School,
Calarese is the first member of his
family to attend college. Although he
always wanted to continue his
education after high school and was a
good student, personal circumstances
would have prevented him from
attending without a substantial
scholarship. Calarese majored in
Criminal Justice at Middlesex and plans
to major in legal studies at UMass.
He credits MCC Assistant Dean for
Education & Public Service Michelle
Bloomer, who also is the Criminal
Justice Program Advisor, and Associate
Dean of K-16 Partnerships Kimberly
Burns, who serves as advisor for the
Saloom Scholarship, with helping him
reach his goal.
"Middlesex was a great school for me,"
said Calarese. "I received incredible
personal attention and loved my classes.
Professor Bloomer, my advisor, and
Dean Burns really helped me stay on
Deborah Kearney
MCC Graduate Michael Calarese Takes
Saloom Scholarship to UMass Amherst
Associate Dean of K-16 Partnerships Kimberly Burns (left),
MCC graduate Michael Calarese (center) and Assistant
Dean for Education & Public Service Michelle Bloomer
(right) on the Bedford campus.
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